PKK says conditions for Turkey truce no longer in place



Kurdish militants on Saturday said the conditions for maintaining a ceasefire with Turkey were no longer in place, after Turkish warplanes bombed their stronghold in northern Iraq.

“The conditions for maintaining the ceasefire… have been eliminated,” the People’s Defence Forces (HPG), the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) said in a statement.

It denounced an “aggression of war” by Turkey and vowed “resistance.”

“Faced by these aggressions, we have the right to defend ourselves and to resist,” it said. “The defence of our freedoms and democracy is the duty that you have in front of you,” the group added.

It described the bombings of the targets in northern Iraq as the “most serious military and political error” by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling party.

The two the sides had until now largely observed a fragile ceasefire since 2013, but the fighting has now thrown the entire process to make peace with the PKK into doubt.

The PKK has for decades waged a deadly insurgency in the southeast of Turkey for self-rule that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

The HPG statement meanwhile said that one of the PKK fighters in northern Iraq — named as Onder Aslan — had been killed in the air strikes and three of its “guerillas” wounded.

The raids were the fiercest launched by Turkey on the group’s bases in Iraq since August 2011 when PKK targets in northern Iraq were pounded by Turkish jets in almost a week of air strikes.

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1 Comment
  • TheOX

    PKK executed 2 Turkish police in their sleep, and now they accuse Turks of being the aggressors?

    PKK’s idea of democracy and “freedoms” is cowardly blowing up people on vacation, executing people in their sleep, IEDs, and every other dirty trick that every other low-life terrorist uses. After 40+ years of the same tactics, which resulted in nothing except a lot dead on the PKK side, one would expect that they learn to either fight better or figure out a different strategy. All cncession on Turkish side are because of EU ascension deals, not because of PKK.

    But let’s just say PKK establishes a state from Turkish land, there is now way that they can defend that state or keep it safe Let’s face it, Turks can play the same game, but better. And we see in Iraq, the PKK/Kurds can’t hold a line – they are hit and run bandits, not governors. Furthermore, Kurdish governed Northern Iraq would be nothing without Turkish trade, investment, and help. NOTHING.

    Kurds need re-evaluate their strategy. They can either be good Turkish citizens and continue to pursue EU entry which for them will be better then a Kurdish state, or drag themselves and Turkey down with their pursuit of “freedom” on top of mountains, in tunnels, and in pieces.