Queen’s College PTA to investigate alleged sexual harassment


The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), of Queen’s College, Lagos said in Lagos on Monday that it had set up panel to investigate alleged sexual harassment in the school.

Chairman of the PTA, Mrs Beatrice Akhetuanen, told a news conference that the panel would be working with the Police Station in Sabo, Yaba to investigate the teacher said to be perpetrating the act.

According to online report, the teacher is said to have sexually harassed a JSS II student of the school.

The report claimed the teacher was usually drunk, and started molesting the girl who screamed and was rescued by some of the girls, booing him.

The student’s mother alleged that she reported the case to the House Mistress who confirmed the teacher was in the habit of doing such and there was nothing anyone could do to him.

She alleged that the case was also reported to the Vice Principal but she said the teacher would not be allowed to leave the school that instead, her daughter would leave.

Akhetuanen said no parent had reported any sexual harassment to the principal or vice principal and that the teacher was not living in the school.

The PTA chairman, however, pleaded with the aggrieved parent to come forth so that the case could be looked into.

”The so-called parent has not shown herself, all efforts to get her has proved abortive.

“When I tried calling the number I saw on the report, she did not pick her call”, she said.

Earlier, the SSS III students were seen protesting, saying that the accused had been set up by someone and was unjustly accused.

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  • nuelsymbol

    While much ado about nothing! Let the said Student and Tutor , meet face to face in the presence of the Principal with Senior Staff and parents of the girl.In the forum, the girl will narrate her case and the Teacher in turn , will state his own part.

    • Jangirova

      That is NOT even necessary. The student is a small JS2 girl. It’s the parents should take their daughter and make an official report with the police. Once that’s done, the girl can be left out and the police and civil society and PTA can finish the teacher. He can’t survive the investigation with this. Haba… the story says many girls were eye-witnesses !!! help