Remo resource centre urges members, communities to embrace alternative dispute resolution mechanism

In a bid to encourage, promote and reduce disputes that could be settled amicably out of court, the Remo Resource and Recreation Centre, Remo, Ogun State also known as 3RC has called on its members to embrace and seek Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as the safest way of settling disagreements.

Speaking at the monthly luncheon meeting of the group in Remo Club Hall, Iperu-Remo, the host, Princess Margaret Bosede Amusan-Ogunnaike, the Yeye Akorewolu of Simawa, said her quest for peace and amicable dispute resolution led to the invitation of the ADR Society of Nigeria.

She said “while preparing to host the Remo Resource and Recreation Centre, I taught it desirable to bring in a lecture to enlighten people on the benefits of ADR which was administered in rural areas in those days, even before our colonial masters, and up till this time traditional rulers meet in their palaces at least once a week to settle disputes among their subjects away from court processes”.

In a short lecture on ADR, members were advised to think twice before going to court, especially when there is an offer or opportunity to mediate a dispute.

“Try and take advantage of ADR because there are lots of cases in court, as ADR society is promoting peace, tranquility and longevity of relationships”.

The host, who is the current President of the Ibadan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) and recently made a Life Patron of the ADR Society of Nigeria reiterated that ADR is well organised, with modern approach of seeking alternative redress to disputes, acknowledging that disputes is bound to occur in human relations.

“Human relations which is synonymous to conflicts, when it comes, the court is there to entertain. But unfortunately the Judiciary process can be corrupt”. Saying there is no end to adjournments, people even die in the process whereas if disputes are taken to the ADR, they are most likely to get justice.”

“The reality is that the court system is reserved only for cases of judicial precedence”, however he acknowledged the fact that there are some cases that the ADR cannot work, such as Molestation of either man or woman but that ADR still has the mandate to settle disputes.

“For instance, Complicated Land cases taken to the traditional rulers for settlement could be easily resolved through the professional assistance of a surveyor. Historically a land might not belong to one, but recent activities on the land may suggest it belongs to another”.

“They advocate peace and amicable settlement of dispute by involving ADR as the best form of living in togetherness in a community. Owing to the reality that the rise in popularity of ADR can be attributed to the increasing caseload of traditional courts.

“It is believed that the ADR imposes fewer costs than litigation, making it a preference for confidentiality, thereby giving control over the selection of theindividual to decide the dispute.”

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