Rep urges Nigerians to resist FRSC’s N36,000 for ‘speed limiter’

Philip Shaibu

Philip Shaibu

A member of the House of Representatives, Philip Shaibu, has called on Nigerians to resist the planned attempt by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to introduce what is called “Speed Limiter” for installation on vehicles in the country.

Specifically, Shaibu, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), who at the weekend condemned the planned introduction, also vowed to lead the resistance, alleging that some members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) were behind the project in collaboration with the FRSC hierarchy to fleece Nigerians by making them pay about N36,000 each to have the speed limiter installed in their vehicles.

He said: “So, I’m calling on all Nigerians first to resist the FRSC and I am prepared to lead a protest to the commission and to the President because certain individuals in this government are trying to derail the change agenda of the President. We cannot be talking about change with a road safety that in the past brought reflective stickers that never worked, brought plate numbers they told us had chips that never worked, now coming to bring an obsolete technology from a country in Africa and companies from that same African country.

“What is the implication to bring the technology that had been outlawed in that country and come and sell it to Nigeria and Nigerians will bear the burden.

“This product is meant to enrich some certain people, and I am aware that certain highly-placed individuals in this government are supporting this process. I want to say unequivocally clear that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari means change and means well for Nigeria. However, some of them want to support a policy that will ridicule the image of the government, but some of us will resist it.”

He, therefore, wondered why the haste by FRSC when two motions on the floor of the House of Representatives already kicked against the introduction of the speed limiter.

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  • bobo

    Naija!!! A country where the masses are routinely scammed. A country where those elected don’t have to do anything to change the lives of the masses for the better by building sustainable roads, health care facilities, schools, and other social amenities.

  • likita

    I agree with you. I do not understand the issue of speed limiter on vehicles. If there is need for that, the builders of the cars, would have put that into consideration. FRSC is talking of this limiter when there is no road signs on our roads about the speed limit for each road. They should first of all spend more time on training drivers before they issued a driving license as is done in other countries. They are always looking for ways to milk Nigerians.First, It was an expensive car plate, now they want to introduce a limiter that is twice the minimum wage of a civil servant—- FRSC wants to encourage stealing and corruption. Where will the civil servant get the money to pay for this? with 18,000 as minimum wage. I think most of the agencies in naija make laws and enforces things just to make money–not for the safety of the citizens.

    • amador kester

      Whats the price of that gadget in other nations? Lets go by such comparative pricing and if it is far above those of other nations quality for quality then get efcc to arrest frsc and those fec officials planning to milk the people. I dont see how the antigraft war can succeed with new scams being hatched daily and swept under the carpet when busted!