Rep Warns Against Sectional Leadership In Nigeria

Buhari and OyegunA member of the House of Representatives Joe Edionwele has urged Nigerians to resist any form of sectional leadership in the country warning that Nigeria does not need a sectional or provisional leader at this critical point in the nation’s history.

Edionwhele who represents Esan West, Esan South and Igueben federal constituency at the lower chamber of the National Assembly said rather having a sectional leader, the country needs a functional leader that will right the wrongs of the past, stressing that pertinent questions regarding what went wrong in the past that brought the country to its current predicament must be asked.

‎He stated: “The leader the country needs now is not a provisional leader. The nation needs a functional leader. We need a leader that will ask question of yester years that we used to have groundnut pyramid and cotton in the North, cocoa in the West, Rubber and palm oil in the Eastern part of the country .

“We need a leader who will ask what went wrong and offer solution. A functional leader that will remember that we used to have Nigeria Airways, Nigeria railways, Nigeria boat yard or water ways. A leader that will ask where are they, what went wrong and see how he can reactivate the transport systems. ‎We need a
leader that will remember that we used to refine oil in Nigeria, what happened to the refineries and reactivate them.”

The House of Representatives member who is obviously angry over the current state of affairs in the country‎, urged President Buhari to immediately swing into action and remedy some of the things that require urgent and decisive actions, adding that only a functional leader will fix the problems of Nigeria

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