Senate to push for removal of incompetent officials

President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki PHOTO: TWITTER/BUKOLA SARAKI

President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki PHOTO: TWITTER/BUKOLA SARAKI

• Saraki cautions against use of military in Niger Delta

Senate President Bukola Saraki has promised tough times for incompetent political office holders across the country.

Dr. Saraki, who declared yesterday in Ilorin, Kwara State, that such persons, if found wanting, after being quizzed by lawmakers, would be recommended for prompt replacement by the Executive.

Saraki assured members of his constituency, who paid him a visit, “Until we find solutions to our economic problems we will not hold our peace. It is a challenge, but as leaders, we have no excuse for failure.”

According to Saraki, there is no responsible leader anywhere that will deliberately make his people suffer.

“Office holders have no excuse not to fix the Nigerian economy. However, it is important to be more patient on our agitation. It is important and of necessity to bring about solution,” he said.

Saraki used the occasion to reveal that a bill to prevent candidates who had passed the Unified Matriculation Tertiary Examination (UMTE) from repeating the said exams within the next two years after the success even when such candidates could not secure admission had passed through all the major stages at the Senate.

The Senate President said the development was aimed at reducing the burden of obtaining the same form the year after, as the development could not be traced to the laxity of the successful candidates.

He promised to use his office to improve the lot of his people and the entire Nigerians as a whole.

Saraki also expressed the belief that a military solution should not be the most reasonable option to resolve the agitation in the Niger Delta region.

He said that Nigerians were in the habit of aiding the economies of other nations with unbridled patronage of foreign goods at the expense of the locally made products.

The Senate president said the National Assembly had provided requisite legal frameworks to strengthen the campaign for the patronage of made-in-Nigeria goods.

On the crisis in the Senate, Saraki said those orchestrating his travails should withdraw from the plot as all evidence in public domain had vindicated him.

He advised that anyone hatching a plot to pull him down was embarking on a fruitless adventure. He noted that rather than nursing political vendetta, efforts should be geared towards stabilising the polity.

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  • Noble

    I hope he will remember to include his name for the questioning.

    • amador kester

      Yes and in the spirit of ” change begins with me” values reorientcation mantra. Nothing less is good enough

  • utolason

    Nigerians would love to see this come true but starting with senators.

  • Kekedu

    Mr. Saraki, you first.

  • nana

    once again the senate president blows tepid air full of no information. so who is an incompetent political office holder? and how will they be found wanting? Is this this the type of language and low mental communication skills befitting of a senate president. You have been in politics now for how many years and you have still not found one – just one solution for our economical problems and you are still searching? Maybe it is time you step down so people who can do the job will come and just do with with out so much grammar and speeches.

    And the next time all of you political office holders tell us Nigerians to be patient – thunder will strike you down!!! you all are like a broken record repeating the same cliche words over and over and over. even in this silly news article.

    i know your constituency visitors are a bunch of jobless political thugs who can be marauding about during working hours visiting you that is why you had the audacity to utter the statement that no responsible leader will deliberately make his followers suffer – well NEWS FLASH we the people of Nigeria are suffering right now.

    And this is bill you came up with after how many months in the office but you just want us to magically start buying made in Nigerian products that can not be found in the market and when they are found they are hazardous to the public health.

    I feel very sorry for us all Nigerians…. we are just as clueless as these people leading us that is why they continue to not only act with impunity they confidently stand in front of the camera and voice recorder and utter blatant rubbish and lies and we all just blink and turn our face away.

  • Dr Saraki, you are a great man. Down south know you have a fan in me.