Senator Tasks Buhari On Electricity Supply, Hails EEDC

SENATOR representing Enugu East on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the National Assembly, Gilbert Nnaji, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to distance himself from the forces that almost sabotaged the good intentions of his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan in the power sector, “in order not to repeat the same mistakes made by the last administration.”
Nnaji also hailed the readiness of President Buhari to consolidate on Jonathan’s policies in several sectors, especially the energy, which, he said, was an indication that the perennial problem of epileptic electricity supply in the country would soon end.
The two-term senator told journalists in Enugu, yesterday, that Nigerians had started reaping the benefits of the extensive work done in the power sector by the immediate past government. 
Nnaji, former chairman, Senate Committee on Communications, noted that electricity supply in the South East has greatly improved and the development would positively impact on businesses.
Applauding the efforts of the chairman, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), Sir Emeka Ofor, for improving the power situation in the zone, the senator said: “For us in the South East, electricity supply used to be a major issue. It involved so much and had cost us so much economically, and because the PDP government privatized the sector, we are witnessing improved electricity supply in some parts of the country. I commend the EEDC for plugging into the opportunity and using it to transform electricity supply and distribution in the zone.”
Restating the contributions of the former president, the senator insisted that “Jonathan started very well, though he didn’t achieve what he intended to achieve before he left, but the transformation agenda is still going. And it is comforting that the present administration will link into it.
“Electricity supply is more stable in Enugu than in Abuja. In the last two weeks since we went on recess, I have been in Enugu and I can say that electricity supply has been stable.”
“Unlike in Abuja, especially at Apo legislative quarters, we don’t have electricity supply for 24 hours in a day. The EEDC has done very well. If you have transformer problem, they replace it without much fuss,” he added.

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  • femi

    These politicians are shameless and because an average Nigerian has a very short memory, how can this man, a member of PDP forget so quickly the 16years of horror his heartless party put Nigerians through. Have Nigerian forgotten quickly the last one month of shame of PDP. No light, no fuel, its not ripe for this man and his likes to open their mouth.

    • haunted

      My friend, any improvement in electricity you are enjoying now is thanks to Jonathan. He did a lot to rebuild that sector and other sectors and the result is what we are seeing now. So do not ascribe the honor to buhari whose government is yet to take-off. Stop being myopic and give honor to whom it really is due. Jonathan was a sincere and committed president, no matter the insult and mud you sling at him – you will never be able to change that. Truth cannot be buried.

  • amador kester

    Reports from rhat zone show that the eedc is the worst power disco in terms of dishing out crazy bills and deliberate denial of prepaid meters to its consumers.This is a monumental financial crime any how you look at it.The meters have to be provided and all the estimated crazy overbills refunded promptly or consumers can litigate actionably if efcc does not step in

  • Madukwe Michael

    I am disappointed reading this assertion on improvement in electricity generation in the South East. The true situation on ground presents the contrary. The electricity sutuation has worsened in the last three months and the bills keep coming on schedule. The EEDC is a good example of fraud and corruption. Collecting money for no electricity supplied is not the change we deserve. Something needs to be done to stop this practice.
    Madukwe Michael