Shi’ites reject panel on clash



• Allege secret burial of dead members
• JNI insists on independent inquiry
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  • Expose hypocrisy

    Since Islam has been proven to be religion a of violence bedeviled with killing and destruction of properties, I equally remembered their watch word” An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” so i can only expect Shiites to revenge against the Sunnis in the North and as long as it continues to destabilize the North it is acceptable because they have caused so much atrocities in the country all in the name of useless religion called Islam.

    • amador kester

      Religious history shows that sufis or islamic mystics are a highly religious sect devoted to intimate experience with ALMIGHTY GOD just like christian mystic saints. I am not a moslem but i think the study of sufism sects like quaddriya, qalandar, naqsbandi,ahmaddiya,suhrawadi, etc etc reveals a highly spiritually–enriched organization far beyond the un-informed mind,s wildest imagination and produced world famous spiritual writers and great mystic saints like rumi, kabir,shams i tabriz,abdulqadir, avicenna etc many of them influencing western philosophy for good .. Their works are accessible on the internet..They were generally speaking not amenable to violence in principle. So you dont have to over- generalize

  • Ralf

    Woes unto Nigeria,and islm…All we want is our new nation Biafra. ..Now…We dnt care abt islmc pple,islm is a devlish ideology too .We dnt care abt Nigeria anymore..Give u Biafra…Hail Biafra

  • esio

    Inter Muslim crisis will be MOAB. Mother of all Bomb(crises). Nigeria will not be able to contain it. The political elite from the North should as a matter of urgency address this issue. It will consume Nigeria fairly soon.

    My take on it, is that it will facilitate the breakup of Nigeria and more factions will emerge, creating wars of various magnitude. Though smaller in nature and crisis that will spread and affect the whole Sub-Saharan region beyond Nigeria.

    Wild spread Instability will set in!