Soldiers allegedly assault protesting women in Delta

armySOLDIERS yesterday reportedly pounced on hundreds of protesting women, some in their 80s, at Ovre-Eku, Ethiope East Local Council, of Delta State, flogging, booting and dispersing them with sheer brutality.

The women had gathered at a community land with placards and tree branches to protesting the alleged sale of the land to Presco Oil Limited by a Benin chief when the soldiers reportedly surfaced.

The land, situated on the boundary between Delta and Edo states, it was learnt, had had been in contention for a while.

The women had marched to the disputed land in their hundreds dressed in black attire and carried a coffin wrapped in palm fronds seeking to be addressed by officials of Presco Oil Limited but instead, soldiers emerged from within and ordered them to leave.

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  • amador kester

    Somebody will account for this madness of late by men in uniform. Unless they want to galvanize the thunderclaps of history