The Guardian, SMI partner on smart tutorials

Standard Mandate International

As part of efforts to improve the nation’s educational standards, The Guardian has begun a partnership with Standard Mandate International (SMI) on Smart Tutorials. The scheme targets secondary school students between SS1 and SS3 who are either just getting introduced to their subjects or are close to sitting examinations in the WASSCE, GCE, IGSCE, TOEFL, SAT, etc.

It is hoped that many adults will also find the lessons interesting for personal intellectual development and self-updating. This way, parents and other adults can also use the tutorial contents in providing assistance to students at home and elsewhere.

Since preparation is key to success, especially success in academic pursuits, you can rest assured that our team of experts in the respective subject areas will provide relevant materials that will enable you to face any task in any area(s) of the subjects that will be covered. So, watch out for the special publications on this project.

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