Troops repel B’Haram attacks on Borno town

Troops of 7 Division of Nigerian Army in Borno state; have repelled attack on a military post and Buratai town, the country home of Chief of Army Staff, Maj-Gen.Tukur Buratai in the early hours of Tuesday.

The insurgents’ attack on Buratai town, according to a military source yesterday in Maiduguri, brings to four such attempted attacks on the village to torch Buratai’s country home.

Yesterday’s attack was disclosed by Director of Army Public Relations (DAPR), Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman, in Short Messaging Services (SMS) to The Guardian on Tuesday.

Usman in the texted message said: “The Buratai attempted attack of late night Monday, was about the fourth time since; February 2014 insurgents’ incessant attacks on Buratai.

He said the Boko Haram terrorists invaded the area in their desperate attempts to capture the town by strucking at about 9.30pm Monday night.

“But the insurgents were repelled by Nigerian soldiers, returned again at about 3.00am yesterday and was equally pushed back,” said Usman in the texted message.

He said: “Suspected terrorists made a futile attempt to attack Buratai town in Borno State and military camp located in the area. I am glad to inform you that the gallant soldiers rose to the occasion and dealt.

“They however made concerted effort at about 3.00am this morning which was equally repelled by the gallant soldiers. The situation and town is cool and calm.”

He however noted that the time Boko Haram struck first was in February last year; when Maj-Gen. Buratai was serving as commander of the Joint Troops Task Force in the Niger Delta code-named Operation Puloshield.

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  • Ojiyovwi

    Please! Please!! Please!!! Pushing them back only means that the insurgents will regroup and revise their assult plans. Is it beyond the ability of our forces to apprehend these rats? Is that what this ‘news’ is supposed to tell us? This is not success at all. Our forces must be better than this, otherwise we cannot guarantee the integrity of our nation let alone the much needed security and welfare of the citizen. Why-oh-why, can we not do the right thing by the nation? This is a rhetorical questions to the regional and national leaderships.

  • tunde008

    This is how our military has come to be. Only to contain. Where are these Bokoharams coming from? They must have a base from where they launch their attack. So they are more armed than our military. This has passed embarrassment, this is not good at all. Nigeria is in a big mess right now and we are all in trouble.

    • Bright

      Where is this “Sambisa Forest”? Who inhabits there – Ghosts or human beings? Does it mean our Armoured or Ferret Cars cannot get there? What about our jets – they cant fly over there? The military should simply issue out orders to all inhabitants at Sambisa Forest to move and level up the place by whatsoever means. Repealing Boko Haram attacks does not guarantee our safety.