Trump to remain silent on Clinton’s health woes

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. . / AFP PHOTO / Robyn BECK

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.<br />. / AFP PHOTO / Robyn BECK

Donald Trump and his presidential campaign will have nothing to say about Democrat Hillary Clinton’s health woes, two US media outlets reported Monday.

The Republican candidate’s campaign say “they want to be respectful,” and that staffers have been ordered to not post anything on social media about Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis, CNN reported Monday.

Any violation of the order could result in termination, CNN said, citing unnamed Trump campaign sources.

Bloomberg reported a similar story, quoting “people familiar with the planning.”

The uncharacteristic move comes after Clinton fell ill Sunday at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York, renewing speculation about her health just under eight weeks from Election Day. She later cancelled a California fundraising trip.

Trump, who also attended the ceremony, has promoted the idea in recent weeks that the Democratic presidential contender has serious health problems.

The internet is awash with claims that Clinton may have a brain tumour, Parkinson’s or dementia.

However the real estate mogul, known for his relentless and personal attacks, brushed off questions from reporters about Clinton’s health on Sunday.

The campaign instead put out a bland statement marking the 9/11 anniversary.

Trump is scheduled to campaign Monday in Baltimore, Maryland, where he will speak to the National Guard Association, then campaign in Asheville, North Carolina.

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  • Babatunde

    As it should be. Mr. Trump should allow Hillary Clinton to roast in her own juice. May be she’ll have a rethink and come out with the truth about her health, her e-mail scandal and all other lies and half-truths that she has been covering up all these years. “Personal attacks” on Hillary by Trump. I wonder what the writer and Clinton Network News call the attacks on Trump by Clinton and her surrogates – public attacks? Go figure. Liberalism is a curse.