Uganda’s Museveni slams UN for failing to take on rebels

President Yoweri MuseveniUganda’s president on Friday accused United Nations peacekeepers of failing to disarm rebels in the east of neighbouring Congo and said his army should be allowed to hunt them down instead.

In an Eid message, President Yoweri Museveni alleged the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) allowed Ugandan Islamist group the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) to operate.

“ADF was defeated in Uganda but they are still in DR Congo with the United Nations. You know, the UN sometimes engages in insecurity conservation. They conserve insecurity. They co-exist with ADF,” Museveni said.

Museveni said Kinshasa and the UN had denied repeated requests that Uganda be allowed to enter Congo to fight the ADF in its eastern bases.

“When we say, ‘Let’s come and help you,’ they say, ‘We shall do it.’ I don’t want to quarrel with DR Congo or the UN but if (ADF) enter Uganda, we shall kill them. It’s not good to talk about killing during Ramadan. But that’s what will happen,” Museveni said.

Uganda sent troops into DR Congo during a regional war between 1998-2003.

In 2005 the UN’s International Court of Justice ruled that Ugandan troops had looted the country’s resources, killed and tortured civilians, deployed child soldiers and razed entire villages, and ordered Uganda to pay DR Congo up to $10 billion (9 billion euros) in reparations.

Uganda has denied the charges and so far has refused to pay any reparations.

In his Eid message Museveni said the ADF, whose leader Jamil Mukulu was extradited to Uganda from Tanzania last week, was behind recent killings of prominent Muslim leaders.

He also sought to reassure Ugandan Muslims saying, “You shouldn’t be frightened because surely we shall defeat these people.”

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1 Comment
  • Charles Firstmuganda

    This Ugandan guy is a crook who should not be taken seriously.

    Firstly he has been in power for a 3rd of a whole century through rigging elections. He has never won a free and fair vote.He has been taken to court at least on two occasions and on all of them the courts confirmed massive electoral malpracticesn in his favour.

    Secondly there are no ADF rebels as he allegs a fact confirmed by his own appointment Ugandan Inspector of Police after the arrest of its leader in Tanzania (IGP)

    Lastly this is a guy whose army plundered congoles wealth the other time his army was there. Uganda was found guilty of this and the poor Ugandan tax payer will have to pay.

    The guy has no credibility and cannot be traced