UK to help Nigeria overcome economic, security challenges

 James Wharton

James Wharton

The United Kingdom will assist Nigeria to overcome its current economic and security challenges, UK Minister for International Development, James Wharton, has said.

Wharton told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview in Abuja that he was in Nigeria to assess some of the definite challenges.

According to him, Nigeria, in spite of the challenges, has great potential in human and natural resources, as well as opportunities to overcome the current challenges.

He said: “This is clearly a country with incredible opportunity and amazing people, with a real deep, strong link and friendship with United Kingdom, but which faces challenges. The Government of the United Kingdom must help Nigeria to overcome some of the challenges, in the overall interest of the people of Nigeria and the UK.

“There are the security and humanitarian issues in the Northeast. There are clearly economic challenges, the price of oil hasn’t helped.”

He said there are institutional challenges, which UK would be able to help and strengthen institutions of government and the civil society.

“We want to be very clear that the UK recognises the scale of the challenges and is committed to supporting Nigeria through what is a very difficult period. But I have no doubt that Nigeria has a very bright and positive future and the UK has a role to play in that,” he said.

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  • paul irumundomon

    Nigerians only need all money stolen and kept in England, to be repatriated, that is the only good thing you can do for Nigeria, UK is part of Nigeria problems and headach, because the leaders are corrupt, they have no boldness to challenge you, that is why you western nations have the gut to tell Nigerians what ever comes out of your mouth with out respect.

  • Kolawole Shodipo

    After colonization, u cannot but help to rescucitate an economy u were sorry to let go.

  • Help us??…At what price?

  • AgbalaAgbaraOlorunKiibati

    Absolutely no UK minister or agents repatriated Nigeria’s money to that jurisdiction, Nigerian big men politicains did it and must be held responsible for that aspect of our wrong doing and financial drainage. The UK’s rendering of helping hand must be seen as a privilege not a right.