Waste management can boost development, create wealth – expert


Mr Adeolu Odusote, former Chairman, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Abuja, on Wednesday said that proper waste management could boost development and create wealth in the country.

Odusote disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigerian (NAN) in Abuja.

He said that an intensive waste management was bound to play a huge role in the country, adding that it was necessary to educate Nigerians on proper waste management.

He said that educating the people on the subject would promote good environment and offer environmental protection, conservation of materials and alternative source of energy.

“It is important to educate Nigerians on proper waste management, using modern approach.

“Collecting some of the recyclable wastes from residence, markets, educational institutions, hospitality places and event venues for the purpose of processing them for sale to companies as raw materials (can boost the economy).

“The process is to support poor people and it can also create income and employment which can also increase development in our country,’’ he said.

He said that recycling required far less energy, using fewer natural resources and keeping waste from pilling up in landfills.

He said that plastic bottles of all types, plastic bags including pure water sachets and new electronic plastic wrappers, toilet papers and bread wraps among others were valuable items.

He added that old newspapers, cartons, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, banners are most of those waste that could be converted to natural resources.

The chairman noted that waste was generally assumed to be a negative externality and a measure of human imperfection.

He added that waste was also associated with national development and could be a source of guide to develop economy.

According to him, Nigeria must in essence accommodate waste management to boost the economy and increase development.

“In other words, waste is a potential hazard by virtue of its nature and composition; therefore its imperfect handling has severe consequences on the safety and well being of the public.

Odusote said that waste management industry was one of the most controlled in the developed countries but “it is obviously not regulated in most developing countries“.

He said that strong partnership between government and private sectors in the industry was necessary to ensure that the reform agenda of the government brought a sustainable change to such industry.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    Another resources that Nigeria government is not using or exploring. A lot of benefits can be generated from waste, while providing development income, generate energy, and clean the environment. However, the country lacks the leadership to do this. waste could be another cheap source of providing electricity across the country.