We are taking arrested judges to court, DSS says

There are indications that the Department of State Services (DSS) will arraign some of the judges it arrested during a series of raids in Abuja and a few states.

“Preparations are ongoing to arraign them in a competent court of jurisdiction in line with the laws of the nation,” Abdullahi Garba, an official of the Service, told journalists in Abuja on Saturday.

Operatives of the DSS raided some residences in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Gombe, Kano, Enugu and Sokoto in a series of overnight operations targeted at judges of Supreme, Appeal and High courts.


At least two supreme court judges were arrested in the sting operations.

He alleged that the affected judges were placed under surveillance after they were accused of corruption. To buttress his claims, Garba said a large sum of money in local foreign currencies was recovered at from three judges whose houses were raided.

According to him a total of N93.6m, £25, 970, €5,680 and $530,087 were recovered. Garba said the operatives also recovered banking and real estate documents.

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  • Namon Golden

    Arresting them overnight like criminal is the best way to go about it??change begin me i dey watch..

  • ade

    Corrupt Judges…..???? A case of :”the fox(es) as guards of the Hen house.” Nigeria is a very rich country but tremendously corrupt. “Corruption enriches the individual but destroys the society”, and thats why the Nigerian society is so down. May God help us.

  • olusina olayiwola-ojetunde

    Those figures of money being banded? Are they true? So within hours of raid and seeing such huge cash, they have been verified? Was there a search warrant? When will we grow up and stop behaving like animals? Why not a more civil way? These people are not combatants!!!

  • Cjwils

    Buhari and his dss, wrong approach in every thing they do, they lack technicalities, this time they said they won’t to arrest a criminal and they first opened the window for them to escape, sorry oh you have already loes this case

  • seb

    Tell it to the marines. What has come out of Dasuki case? GESTAPO is staring Nigeria in the face. Rafindadi and NSO era of 84-85 is like a child’s play by comparison.
    May be the Nigerian GESTAPO will carry out the judgment in their dungeon.
    I weep for Nigeria. Of a truth the Leopard can never change it’s skin