Wike heads to Supreme Court to reclaim mandate

Wike, Rivers state governor

Wike, Rivers state governor

In a swift reaction to the ruling of the Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja affirming the nullification of his election as the governor of Rivers Sate by the Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal, Governor Nyesom Wike has instructed his lawyers to proceed to the Supreme Court to challenge the judgment.

In an electronic statement issued by his Special Assistant on Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, Wike said he “disagrees with the judgment, hence his decision to exhaust his constitutional right by challenging the Appeal Court judgment at the Supreme Court.”

The statement, in part, reads: “Governor Wike called on all his supporters and the people of Rivers State to remain calm as Justice will be done at the end of day.

“He assured the people of the state that he will use all constitutional processes to protect the mandate they freely bestowed on him, hence his decision to approach the Supreme Court for further adjudication.

“The governor said that he still remains the duly elected governor of Rivers State pending the determination of his appeal by the Supreme Court.

“Governor Wike assured the people of Rivers State that all ongoing development projects will continue while his administration will continue to promote the security of lives and property across the state.”

It would be recalled that the Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal had on October 24 nullified the April 12 governorship.

The tribunal led by Justice Suleiman Ambrosa had also ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct a fresh election within 90 ‎days.

Dissatisfied with the tribunal’s decision, Wike approached the Appeal Court, seeking to set aside the tribunal’s verdict, but failed to do so following the dismissal of his appeal for want of merit.

Again dissatisfied with the appellate court’s verdict, Wike has now resolved to go to the final court – the Supreme Court.

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  • utolason

    I would have thought that Wike would have by now seen the futility of his appeal exercise to Appeal Court. For him to even consider wasting his money to take a case that obviously lack merit to supreme court is tantamount to madness.

    • Babso

      Just watch, he will get the bashing of his life from the justices of the supreme court for wasting their time. He may decide to go to ICC if he failed at supreme court. Rubbish.

  • MUkintu

    If Wike is actually sure that he won by such a landslide, why is he afraid of a re-run? His chances of winning back the governorship seat will diminish even further if the supreme court upholds the judgement of the lower courts.

  • tunde008

    Wike if you are so sure of being very popular,why not just go for the re-run of election? Why are you wasting rivers money going to the appeal court?

  • innocent chigbu

    Chei!!! which constitutional right? which justice?. These my governor’s lawyers are very economical with the truth. Why can’t they tell his excellency that he will lose again at the supreme court, rather than waiting until they have made enough money from the excellency. I hope these lawyers will refund all the money paid to them by his excellency when he eventually lose again at the supreme court. I wish the governor will enter an agreement to this effect with the lawyers before going to the supreme court. Otherwise, my advise is still that he should discard the idea of going to supreme court and face the re-run thing with confidence, I believe he can still win since he claims to be popular in rivers state.

  • innocent chigbu

    Yes, Babsco my dear, I agree with you that after the supreme court had thrown him out of the brick house, his lawyers who want to milk him to death will proceed to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) if at all ICJ will accept to adjudicate, and if they so decide and throws him out of the government house yet again, then, they will look for another highest court, this time around in heaven to reclaim the Rivers stolen mandate. By this time all his lawyers would have become billionaires i.e. if they are not yet by now. A stitch in time, they say saves nine. Your excellency, please do not mind your lawyers, they are all out to make money out of you.