WWII documentary translated into 8 languages

Photo; wikimedia

Photo; wikimedia

A Chinese documentary on how Germany and Japan reflected on their wartime atrocities has been translated into eight languages, and is available on major news portals.

Institute of World History under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the producer of the documentary, said on Friday in Beijing that it had been translated into English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.

The institute said the Chinese version of the 90-minute, four-episode documentary, “Truth and Denial: Germany and Japan’s Post-war Redemption”, was first aired on China Central Television in early June.

The institute said the documentary detailed how the two major countries in the war reflected on their actions in post-World War II.

It said Germany earned respect through concrete efforts, while Japan irked its Asian neighbours by denying its war crimes.

Jiang Youxi, Director and Producer of the documentary, said the documentary offered a new Chinese perspective on WWII.

He said there were many articles on the Internet analysing Japan and Germany’s different attitudes following WWII, but they did not answer the question on why they embarked on different paths.

Jiang said she and her team went to Japan and interviewed many Japanese people, including Yukio Hatoyama (army veterans), experts and right-wing activists.

She said they also visited sites in China, including the location of the Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731, where the Japanese Army experimented with biological and chemical warfare.

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