Thank you Ambode for banning state-sponsorship of pilgrimage

Ambode 23Nigeria is a secular state yet there are bodies set up by government to undertake the sponsorship of individuals on pilgrimage. Nowhere in the world is this done. When we read Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, individuals big or small, sought spiritual rejuvenation by embarking on pilgrimages and visiting a holy site. In our case, we visit for business, and at public expense.

Therefore, we are delighted with the decision of the Lagos State government to cancel the over one-million naira it spends on each intending pilgrim to the holy lands – Jerusalem or Mecca. At these times of austerity, it is the fit and proper thing to do. Whether other governors will follow suit is another matter. Thank you Gov. Ambode.
Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku ANEEJ, Benin City.

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