56 reasons and more for loving Nigeria

Nigerian children attend independence day celebrations in Lagos in October 1, 2013. PHOTO: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP

Nigerian children attend independence day celebrations in Lagos in October 1, 2013. PHOTO: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP

“Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.”–Seneca
In celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day Anniversary which was yesterday the 1st of October 2016, I have compiled a list of reasons I love Nigeria.

You may never have heard or seen so many positive words and positive ways of describing Nigeria/Nigerians all in one place at the same time, nonetheless sit down, buckle up, pick up your dictionary (just in case you may need it – I did) and have fun on this ride reading my list of over 56 reasons why I LOVE NIGERIA so much! And you may just end up catching the LOVE bug for Nigeria!

I LOVE NIGERIA so much because……
1. We Nigerians have a great sense of HUMOUR. 2. We Nigerians have a penchant for HUMOROUS PLAY on WORDS or acronyms like NEPA – “Never Expect Power Always”, PHCN – “Please Hold Candles Nigerians”, IBADAN – “Ibadan Boys Are Dangerous At Night”, OYO – “On Your Own”, GOWON – “Go On With One Nigeria”
3.Nigeria is one of the MOST ENGAGING PLACES in the world to visit. 4. Nigeria seemingly OVERWHELMS the senses. 5. Nigeria is PECULIAR in an AMAZING way.6. Nigeria PUZZLES and BEWILDERS people which means you can’t put Nigeria or Nigerians in a box. 7. Nigeria is a country of MANY CONTRASTS. 8. Nigeria is a country of much BEAUTY and AWESOME SPLENDOR. 9. Nigeria is a TOURIST HAVEN waiting to be discovered and explored.
10. We Nigerians love our CHILDREN. We Nigerians PULL all the STOPS to spend money on quality education for ours kids. 11. We Nigerians love to CELEBRATE births, weddings and burials. We celebrate anything we think is worth celebrating! And if we cannot find something worth celebrating , we find an excuse to celebrate!

12. We Nigerians are an ENTHUSIASTIC set of people. 13. We Nigerians are extremely GENEROUS when we want to be. 14. We Nigerians are DOGGED in our bid to achieve success.We are HARD WORKING. 15. We Nigerians generally have a HEARTY LAUGH many times a day. 16. We Nigerians are SOCIABLE.

17.Nigeria is a country of GREAT VARIETIES in the landscape, vegetation, food, music, culture, human resources, animals, birds, wild life, houses, clothes, mineral resources, politics etc. You name it, we have probably got it in some form or the other in Nigeria.18.Nigerians are an extraordinary and INTERESTING HUMAN POTPOURRI of over 250 ethnic groups.We Nigerians have STRENGTH in our DIVERSITY that we need to tap into to build our nation. 19. Nigeria is one of those exceptional examples of a nation in which the SUM of its PARTS is extremely GREATER than the whole.Nigeria is like a GIGANTIC MASTERPIECE of art work in the making in a constant state of change.

20.Nigeria is an ENIGMA .We Nigerians are the GENUINE ARTICLE. 21.We Nigerians walk with a sexy GAIT. 22. We Nigerians are SHARP-WITTED. 23. Nigeria is a NATION of MANY NATIONS. 24. We Nigerians have the gift of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE which we sometimes abuse in the name of 419 (advance fee fraud).25. We Nigerians easily end up on TOP in settings of equal opportunities especially those of us in diaspora.

26. Nigerians are WELL-TRAVELLED. 27. Nigerians are PERCEPTIVE. 28. We Nigerians are CREATIVE.29. Nigerians are very ENTERPRISING. 30. The VIVACITY of Nigerians seems endless. 31. Nigerians are OUT-GOING. 32. Nigerians are ENERGETIC. 33. Nigerian women CARRY themselves very WELL regardless of shape, size or height.

34. Nigerians are FRIENDLY.35. Nigerians are a VIBRANT people with diverse VIBRANT cultures. 36. Nigerians are INNOVATIVE. 37. Nigerians are GOOD LOOKING. 38. Nigerians are WARM . 39. Nigerians are HOSPITABLE. 40. Nigerians are GOD-CENTRED in almost everything we do. 41. We Nigerians sometimes have a HAPPY-GO-LUCKY attitude.42. We Nigerians are sometimes very loud, GREGARIOUS and full of life. 43. We Nigerians are STURDY.44. We Nigerians are SEEMINGLY without a care in the world in spite of the many challenges we face daily.

45. Nigerians are LIVELY. 46. Nigerians LOVE the gift of LIFE. 47.Nigerians are a PASSIONATE people. 48. Nigerians are a BOISTEROUS lot.49. Nigerians are FUN LOVING and love to enjoy life. 50. Nigerians are DOGGED and RUGGED. 51. Nigerians are FULL of HOPE. 52. Nigerians have the SURVIVAL DEXTERITY in excelling under the most unimaginable, unbelievable and excruciating circumstances

53.Being in the company of us Nigerians is likely to be UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE as it will be full of a lot of fun and laughter. 54. We Nigerians have the GIFT of RHYTHM and MUSIC. 55. We Nigerians have the GIFT of the GARB. It is extremely difficult to win an argument with a Nigerian. We Nigerians can be very PERSUASIVE. 56. We Nigerians are FORGIVING. And perhaps too forgiving – that is why our politicians take us for a ride.

I love Nigeria because Nigeria is HOME!

“Only TRUE LOVE can heal Nigeria, only TRUE LOVE! ”

Happy56thIndependence Day Anniversary My Fellow Nigerian Patriots!!!

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  • Basil Ogbanufe

    Your number 56 says it all. “……our politicians take us for a ride” because we are very stupid and foolish not because we are “FORGIVING” or “perhaps too forgiving”.

    From the above there is certainly nothing about Nigeria to be proud of. Nigerians don’t even own Nigeria.