Apata road: Kudos to Ojomo, courageous policeman

Sir: Kindly permit me space in your widely read newspaper to publicly commend Apata Police Area Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Francis Ojomo for the creativity, innovativeness, uncommon passion, courage and selflessness he brings to the area which has now made life much easier and more bearable for the millions of people living in Apata area of Oyo State.

One terrible problem people within Apata, Owode, Wire and Cable, Omi-Adio among other areas face everyday is traffic jam. The gridlock is so bad to the extent that many people have relocated from these areas. To compound the matter, this is the only road that is not dualised among many roads that link Oyo State to other states. Motorists and passengers go through hell on this road, going and coming back from their places of engagements on a daily basis. The question is what are the causes of this perennial snarl up? The answers are commercial drivers’ impunity-dropping and picking passengers right on the road, petty traders’ displaying their wares on the road and all other acts of indiscipline.

Interestingly, ACP Ojomo’s redeployment to Apata Area Command about nine months ago is more like an answered prayer from above. He mobilises his men to the trouble spots. Everyday, he personally supervises the traffic at the dreaded Apata junction. All the policemen who had hitherto been enjoying their pepper soup at various cool spots are seen every morning directing vehicular movements.

Like a joke, Ojomo has restored sanity to Apata road. Vehicles move freely, and nobody is again sweating profusely in a traffic. Indeed, traffic jam has disappeared. Those who attempt to dare his determination pay dearly for it as Ojomo takes them to court. He has secured many convictions. Some have paid fines well above a million naira. Some other offenders have abandoned their vehicles and bikes at the Police Command and run away.

Clearly, ACP Ojomo has brought succour and sanity to Apata road. This man deserves a state and national awards. He is a good Police Officer who should be promoted promptly. The like of Ojomo deserves every reward the system could offer. He stakes his life for the comfort of others. They threaten him, yet he remains unfazed. The Apata Police Command has no operational vehicles, he uses his car to do official job.

How do we reward and appreciate a man of courage and creativity like Ojomo? Before now, policemen used to lay ambush for motorists who drove against the traffic, collect money and let go. But ACP Ojomo adopts a more scientific approach, goes to the root of the problem, seeks the assistance of the unions and gets outstanding results. May God continue to bless Nigeria with a man like Ojomo as a leader.
Sunday Saanu, Apata Ibadan, Oyo State.

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