Beyond mushy religion

religion 1SIR: The most corrupt administration in Nigeria’s democratic dispensation coincidentally happens to be the most religious. They preached prosperity theology. Unfortunately, the burden of sustaining their ideology fell on the back of suffering masses. The poor seem to be gullible.

Uplifting words that raise hope of escaping the mud of wretchedness win their conscience. However, religion in Nigeria has leapt beyond the bound of ignorance and stupor to bounce at the pedestal of social mainstream.

A stranger visiting various markets, especially those in Onitsha area of Anambra State, stands a chance of being unduly delayed. Shops are not opened on time on certain days of the week because members of the line observe prayer service. This could take up to two hours in the morning.

Till business opens, the same prayer warriors will turn into the most shrewd and crooked traders. Not truly all of them but when you have been cheated and sold bad products twice too many, you tend to paint these businessmen with a broad stroke. You come to realize that there are different forces at work among these people.

The desperation to make money is distinctly separated from the desire to gain salvation. Or the prayer is solely a part of the quest to get rich. And they comfortably inhabit these two spirits without seeing any form of conflict.

Across the nation, no socialisation commences without each member feeling out the religious affiliation of the other. Sometimes, they succeed. Most other times, it becomes their doom because they fail to see that other people may have resolute principles that guide their lives.

Religion is nothing new. As such, it must have a strong hold that binds people to it. There is no culture that existed that did not have a semblance of religion. But let us worship the God of our understanding in separation from the discipline that allows society to function in a uniform manner. One should show decency before religion.

• Pius Okaneme, Umuoji, Anambra State.

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