‘Bracing up for Trump’s presidency’

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Sir: “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron.” H. L Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun. July 26, 1920

I am wondering how a Trump’s presidency will help advance the cause of people suffering from disability in America and worldwide, (the ADA act notwithstanding) especially after his infamous attack on the disabled New York Times reporter.

America is a country that prides herself on tearing the shameful walls suffered by people with disability, to promote an inclusive society.And when the government of China expelled him eventually, the United States might not have accepted him like they did.

I can’t wait to see how Trump’s team will shape his presidency to deal with Russia’s overreaching goal to conquer foreign countries having openly endorsed Putin’s grand design in Syria which has turned out to be a world menace.

I can imagine Dr. King twirling in his grave, no thanks to the threats against minorities, the Billy-clubbing antics of mobsters at campaign rallies welcomed by Trump and his allies. Those rowdies did a lot. An America under Trump can’t morally take the charge to direct affairs of the world to promote the rights of vulnerable people. Africa needs to be re-colonised, he once suggested.

How will a Trump presidency stand up to Russia which isn’t powerful as the old USSR but is determined to vanquish the United States?
I disagree with America’s choice of a President, but do not blame Trump for riding to the presidency on the sentiments of Americans.According to Adolf Hitler, “the masses will fall quickly to a big lie than to a small lie.”

But the youths in America on whose shoulders the future lie didn’t vote massively.They couldn’t differentiate between the big and small lies. The same way the youths in the UK didn’t take Brexit seriously. They were unblinking phone-texters on the day of Brexit vote.

Only 19 per cent of youths voted in America’s 2016 presidential elections. Fifty five per cent of these youths voted for Hillary and over 30 per cent for Trump and others for the independent candidates. So what happened to youth power in America as well as in Nigeria?

Where is the progressive base for the future of America without her youths? You know what I like in Trump? With him, other countries will learn to take charge of their responsibilities and not shift those responsibilities to America after which they go back hating America.
Simon Abah wrote from Port Harcourt.

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Donald Trump
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  • Oti Oteri

    I think that there is just too much fear surrounding this man’s rise to power.

    This fear has been driven mainly by the false propaganda peddled by the Democrats and the left leaning academia & media along with the irrelevant (at least in my opinion) celebrities.

    Granted, Trump himself has played a large part in helping this fear grow, because of some of the statements he has made, and the positions he has taken, HOWEVER, I must tell you, as someone who followed this thing from the very start until now, that a lot of what people believe he said – he never said!
    This is especially true in Africa. Many African have been led to believe that this man hates African, and has said all sorts against them. Simply untrue.

    The Americans of African descent are also under the same grand deception.

    The racist sentiment is a very powerful one, and the hurt of things past is very real. So is the frustration of unequal treatment, still being experienced by people of color.
    That sentiment has been used very effectively to poison the minds of people against Trump, and the Republicans in general.

    This deception has been propagated by the very same people who have been running the failed societies in which the down-trodden minorities live. Societies like Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD.

    These places have been run, almost exclusively, by the Democrats for generations – yet the life of the Minority is only getting worse.

    They are systematically denied opportunity to better themselves, instead they are being offered food stamps, and hand-outs, designed to keep them perpetually subservient.

    Their societies are being morally degraded, with the breakdown of the traditional family – while at the same time being sold the lie that that the Republican are out to get them.

    Historically, Republicans have not bothered to reach out to the Minority precincts, especially to those of African descent, because since FDR’s New Deal of the 1930s and the LBJ’s Great Society of the mid 60s, the so called Minorities voted en mass for Democrats.

    This time though, Trump has decided to reach out these people, and has had some success.
    This is why the Democrats are so upset. If this man, somehow manages to put forth some program that genuinely helps them, the Minorities will no longer be lock, stock and barrel, in the voting column of the Democrats.

    This will be bad for business, and so they must do whatever they can, even at the expense of better life for the Minority.

    Can we now see why there is so much consternation on the left?