Buhari’s one-term presidency and the Nigerian youth

President Muhammadu Buhari

Sir: I would like to advocate a Buhari’s one-term presidency. Yes! He may have been incapacitated by his failing health, his ailing health is our encumbrance. We wish him speedy recovery and safe trips back to Nigeria. President Buhari’s good intention infatuates my philosophy of life (integrity). He has tried his best to stamp out official corruption and mass indiscipline from Nigeria. It is heartwarming that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is acting with good expectations as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He must be encouraged and supported.

Unfortunately, the youth Buhari fights for are not ready to liberate themselves from circumlocuted cabals in government. You can only be a “successful leader” in a country like Nigeria only if you are a “poli-thief” or a religious con-artist.

Nigerian youth, the ball is in your net now, take the bulls by the horns and liberate yourselves. Your future belongs to you, not to these recyled ghouls and “poli-thieves”.

Stop being a willing tool in the hands of those who only need you at the election period only to dispense/discard you after the election. Wake up from your complacency and take your future back. The consistency of some of us on social media is to start a reawakening and the mobilisation of youth group in earnest. Let’s jettison primordial sentiments.

We can’t continue to see ourselves as enemies of one another while politicians use us as cannon fodder in the house of corruption.

Abuja is extremely happy when they read how we fight ourselves on naughty issues in the social media. It is imperative we come together and rescue the youth from hopeless future. Nigerian youth should be magnificent representation of the progress of Nigeria. Let us wake up in unison to rescue our future and that of our children from the claws of these recycled politicians.

Yahaya Balogun.

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