From Badagry to Ambode (2)

Akinwunmi-AmbodeIT was as if Badagry and its people orchestrated this political mutiny against the then ruling party in the state, Alliance for Democracy. Badagry’s position as divisional headquarters was drastically and progressively eroded.

During Tinubu’s second term in office, no commissioner was appointed from Badagry, however, a commissioner was appointed from Ojo.

It couldn’t have been too much if four commissioners were appointed from Badagry division at any new political dispensation in the state. The usual lopsidedness that characterises the composition of the Lagos State Executive Council justifies this assertion.

Badagry division deserves more than that. With Governor Fashola coming on-board as successor to Tinubu, Her Excellency Mrs. Sarah Sosan was chosen as Deputy Governor to Fashola from Ojo.

No commissioner appointment was made from Badagry. At the second tenure of Governor Fashola in 2007, the office of the Secretary to the State Government was zoned to Ojo again with one additional commissioner also from Ojo, leaving Badagry to pick from the crumbs.

Although there was a commissioner appointed, the general opinion of the people of Badagry over this was and is still that an elected person or Commissioner representing the people should be one that lives among his or her people in order that their collective interest and that of the party could well be served, projected and entrenched.

Now the in-coming Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode’s Deputy, Mrs. Idiat Oluranti Adebule was also chosen from Ojo.

This, to many well-meaning Badagrians, confirms that the strategic tacit political servitude of Badagry and its people in Lagos State is sealed! This, though as a matter of fact, could be argued politically that the appointments were all from the division and for the people of the division.

It is obvious that attention is concentrated on one area than the other, that is political empowerment of one area of the division at the expense of others. In the last decade all major political appointments made from Badagry division were concentrated in Ojo axis. This to many is unfair.

It creates political imbalance within the division. This development, in recent times, has forced many well-meaning Badagrians to raise fundamental question as to if really the State government any longer regards Badagry as being part of Lagos State!

But reference must be made to the just concluded general elections in Lagos State where out of the four traditional Local Governments in the division only Badagry Local Government delivered 100% results for both the Presidential, National House of Assembly, the Governorship and the State House of Assembly elections.

In the entire Badagry division with four Federal constituencies it was only Badagry that did not lose to the opposition. The remaining three were won by the opposition party.

Out of the eight House of Assembly constituencies in the division only three were delivered to All Progressive Congress, of these three, Badagry has two.

A case of the stone rejected by the builders becoming head-cornerstone! It must be emphasised that Badagry people in spite of the consideration given to Badagry by the opposition party by zoning the Deputy Governor seat to the town; in spite of the fact that the opposition ruling party appointed one of the sons of Badagry as Air Marshal – first of its kind in their history; in spite of the gigantic Air Force base project approved by the ruling opposition party which is currently under construction the people remained resolute and voted massively for the All Progressive Congress in all the elections without losing one to the opposition.

Not even Ojo that had benefited so much from the State in terms of political appointments and empowerment in the last decade, and where the in-coming Deputy Governor comes from could boast of this record. Your Excellency, the above elucidation is for your personal consumption.

The people of Badagry from the bottom of their hearts love you. They wish you well and heartily congratulate you on your resounding victory.

However, it must be noted that they are patiently looking at the party leadership and especially your good-self with high hopes that their actions will not turn to disillusionment for despising their daughter who was chosen as Deputy Governor by the opposition party and jettisoned the ruling party for appointing one of their sons as the Air Marshal (the first in their history), not minding the political descent and marginalisation they have been subjected to since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in Lagos State and voted massively for you and All Progressive Congress.

Your Excellency, one good turn, they say, deserves another.

From the Party, Badagry deserves a ministerial post as compensation for all the efforts of the people in your favour and that of the party against that of their own son and daughter. Our brother and leader, Sunny Ajose is more than qualified for this position.

He deserves it having worked relentlessly to deliver Badagry for All Progressive Congress. And from your Excellency sir, we leave you to satisfy your conscience in terms of appointments of commissioners into your Cabinet.

But one thing is certain: being a place where the Governor-Elect cut his teeth in public service, your Excellency owes the rural communities in Lagos State, especially Badagry and Epe, a lot! Itesiwaju Eko! • Concluded. • Olaide-Mesewaku contributed the piece from Badagry for Badagry Change Project Team.

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