Make Nigeria ‘change’ again


Countryman, long time no see, your face is scarce these days. Where have you been lately? Why the sudden disappearance and re-surface. I hope all is well?

“Is this JAMB question or what? Anyway, you know these are trying times!

And due to failure of leadership occasioned by the current government, patriotic politicians like us with profound commitment to project Nigeria have resolved and resurfaced to put forces together and make Nigeria change again.”

“What are you talking about? What sort of change again? We are yet to come out from the APC ‘change’ and here you are proposing another.”

“Of course, you know that the issue of change is historic. Besides, change itself is the only constant phenomenon that changes in life.

No matter your political or ethnic divide, this wheel of change will carry everybody along.

Nigerians will immensely benefit from the economic progress, national development and employment name it.”

“Hmm! Wonders shall never cease. This change agenda seems to be the new song for Nigerians.

Even the APC that brought the issue of change has since abandoned the project and is running after “hate speech” mongers.

Therefore, change of any genre, colour or shape is no longer fascinating to Nigerians.’’

“You seem to be an apologist for the government. Of course, such remarks are not strange.

That was how Barack Obama was being cowed when he indicated interest to change the face of American politics and run for the presidency.

His audacity of hope and sheer determination made the rest to become history.

Even the current American president, Donald Trump was not in the ‘success radar’ to win the elections. He was given little or no chance to win the elections.

But as a rugged businessman with great dribbling skills through the power of his tongue and of course, the alleged Russian connections, he navigated his way to the White House.

Therefore, liberal politicians like us are not scared of any negative talk. Rather, we are set to define the condition for progress.

We believe that argument and free speech establish good ideas and we shall propagate excellent ideas and pursue them to accomplishment.”

“Easier said than done, there was a time when the ruling party spoke in the same manner and breath as you do currently.

However, since it won the 2015 elections, the dawn of reality has exposed its incapacity and sheer ineptitude to perform.”

“There is no doubt that the APC’s faceless change slogan in 2015 was a hidden agenda initiated to scramble for vote in order to win the elections.

It was not meant to bring development and create employment among others that were promised.

This is the time when patriotic Nigerians cannot separate themselves from feeling the weight of bad government and the responsibility to save the country with their vote.

This is because the battle of ideas would seize back control of Nigerians lives and reshape the nations’ economic destiny, improve infrastructures and bring Nigeria back to the global stage among others.”

“Indeed, history goes in circles. All you have said so far is very familiar to what Nigerians are used to hearing from time immemorial.

Even during the military era, the “Kaki Boys” still had some elements of persuasion despite the fact that they operated by Decree.

To my mind, the 2019 elections seem not between political parties but a confrontation between the elite and the electorate.”

“Never mind the battle-ground or whom the fight is between. But mind you, it is a bloodless war.

Our party is determined with great expectations and hunger to win the elections.”

“There you are again, politicians are same everywhere because you see desperation in their actions and they can do anything to win elections.

Recent elections in Osun and Ekiti states have shown that politicians have moved a little bit to the right from Ballot-box snatching, to Vote buying.

Notwithstanding their humility during campaigns, politicians once in power, their ears will block, their focus will turn elsewhere.

While their mouth blabs about meaningless development and dividends of democracy they have achieved.”

“Never mind about what politicians do or how they behave. Once our party clinches power in 2019, everything will take shape for good.

Do you know that it is only our party that has said it would “take the bull by the horn” and break the circle of ‘cap in hand to Abuja for the monthly allocations’?

As you may know, to achieve such feat requires real reform and we are ready to restructure this country once in power.”

“Tell that to the wind. Somehow, it has become very crystal from all indications that, the 2019 elections campaign would be likened to a bar fight, where it is hard to be sure who started it, but each punch leads to retaliation”.

“What are you trying to insinuate? Our party does not have the time for dirty politics.

Besides, there is an order of political consciousness and rule of law about how party faithful should behave themselves and speak in public in our manifesto.

Even the proponents of hate speech are very far away from such discipline”.

“As often as the case maybe, dirty politics knows no party affiliation.

That is why most people are retreating into group identities defined by race, religion or sexuality as political parties.

In a way, politics in Nigeria has become a booming industry.

Perhaps, that is the reason it is seen as do-or-die affair during elections. Also, it is seen as the most ‘easy’ route to acquire wealth.

The political space give room to a Mr. Nobody to become fantastically rich over night for being a local government chairman.

“Otio! God forbid! That idea does not exist in our party. It is not in our character.

Even self, there are no moneybags in the party ke. And our party will not stand in defiance of the rule of law. The party has deep respect for human rights.

In fact, the values that democracy is known for will not be diminished once it assumes power”.

“Politicians usually craft excellent reasons while seeking votes.

For instance, the immediate past governor of Delta State, is dangling a carrot before the electorate.

He hopes to sponsor a bill that will guarantee five per cent community ownership of oil and non-oil companies operating in the Niger Delta to Delta South if elected as a Senator. Of course, he is not alone.

David Mark has promised to end insecurity in Nigeria if voted as president.

Atiku Abubakar thumbs his chest as a bridge builder and champion of restructuring. While Bukola Saraki remains an angel of peace and development if given the mantle of leadership as president.

Aminu Tambuwal in his wisdom for the seat of power said: “I will not run a government of a few for interest of a few … no section of the nation will be denied development.”

These lofty ideas and promises are highly commendable.

But, are they patriotic enough to rally round and support whoever that wins the elections for the nation and people to benefit from their laudable ideas?

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