Primaries: Zamfara is pregnant and must deliver safely

[FILE PHOTO] Gov. Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara

Sir: Following the political quagmire Zamfara State finds itself as a result of the just concluded controversial APC primaries in the state that has brought along with it killings and despair is gone but the outcome is yet unknown.

As a result of the non-release of the result, the state is increasingly becoming polarised and engulfed in uncertainties and lack of direction politically.

Who is right and who is wrong, what is legal and what is illegal has now become a matter of perception and allegiance.

Leaders and elders that are supposed to come to the rescue as always are keeping mum, deaf and dump.

With so many different permutations, political calculations and miscalculations, with divergent set of outcomes, one must come to the conclusion that Zamfara is not only pregnant, but in labour and must deliver, deliver safely.

A miscarriage of justice may not augur well with the people of the state and has the tendency to set Zamfara in another wrong and torturous direction. God forbid.

Zamfara has before now suffered so much pains and anguish and is always in the news for the wrong reasons.

From death of hundreds of children due to lead poisoning, to unprecedented destruction of farmlands and livestock due to farmers and herders’ crisis, to loss of peace and livelihood due to kidnappings for ransom and most recently suffering due to all blown rural banditry.

So many precious lives and properties were unnecessarily lost as a result of these calamities.

A state that was previously code named the most peaceful state in Nigeria.

A state that many states, people and governments look towards due to peaceful coexistence and harmonious working relationship, is now at the barge of suffering another blow at the hands of divided politicians. Who did we offend?

Nobody can dispute the fact that Zamfara people are very peace loving, hardworking and courageous and follows their religion and the rule of law to the later.

Ambassador Ibrahim Tudu is a leading blogger in Zamfara, an author and online publisher.

But political events unfolding even before the run-up to the primaries and thereafter has shown all signs and tendencies that some people in the state are increasingly becoming radicalised and divided along political leaders and on both sides of the political divide which is not healthy for the corporate existence of the state.

Zamfara State must not be thrown in to another unnecessary conflict, calamity and catastrophe.

The stakes are now increasingly showing that the fate and political direction of the state is largely dependent on results from Abuja and the courts, I wish to sound a word of caution here; do justice must be done to people of Zamfara!

Whatever the outcome and the decision that is going to be taken must take the interest of the people and long peaceful coexistence of Zamfara State.

As patriotic citizen of Zamfara and observer of events, I have spoken to so many people and the despair in them is enormous and unsettling. If you talk to 10 people in the state today they will give you ten different types of strange outcomes of the issues on the ground.

Is somebody playing with the future and fate of Zamfara people? Zamfara needs quick and speedy resolution of the current political impasse.

Zamfara people need justice now, always and must get it now. Enough is enough.

Ambassador Ibrahim Tudu is a leading blogger in Zamfara, an author and online publisher.

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