Uncivilised behaviour at National Assembly

SIR: After watching with keen interest on Africa Independent Television (AIT), the uncivilised and childish behaviour of members of the House of Representatives over choice of principal officers, it is hardly surprising because I am aware that the House is being occupied by some educated illiterates and selfish individuals.

No matter what and how, there are mature and civilised ways of handling issues, but the one our so-called representatives have chosen to handle the leadership issue in the House is totally condemnable and unacceptable.

Let me be bold enough to let Bola Tinubu know that he is the cause of the crisis in question and Nigerians are watching him closely. Therefore, he should know that Nigerians cannot watch and allow him or any person to pocket them. Nigeria as a country is not a business enterprise that is owned by somebody or a group of persons who would like or want to run it the way it would benefit them only.

We are tired of political godfathers, we are tired of corruption, we are tired of one man leadership in this country of business as usual, of dictatorship, of looting, of lackadaisical attitudes of leaders on issues that affect the poor masses and that was and is the reason why we take the decision we took by voting out those we considered as bad eggs in the last elections.

Nigerians are enjoined to stand up and fight any person or group of persons that would want this country governed by elite’s selfish interest instead of public interest.

• Awunah Terwase, Mpape, Abuja.

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