Veil Of Freedom In Same-Sex Union


same-sexThe legalization of same-sex marriage by the U.S Supreme Court has left many people feeling queasy. Many Nigerians do not feel it will be safe for their children to grow-up in such a morally decayed environment. The same sex issue has been like an evil wind blowing for some time now. Someone once referred to it as a culture of death. This is because any society that embraces such a culture will go into extinction in the nearest future.  The legalization of same-sex unions is something that is inherently wrong.

It goes against nature and anything, which goes against nature is surely questionable. If the lower animals know the right order to follow, how is it that man with all his intelligence will want to go contrary to the laws of nature?

Gay couples in the U.S. tried to justify the fact of being sterile with the excuse that they will adopt children. And I asked myself, if everyone became gay, will there be children to adopt? The LGBTs who are fighting for these rights are fighting all in the name of freedom. Is it not infringing on the freedom of an innocent child to make him or her grow up with parents who are same sex? What kind of adult will such a child grow into? There is certainly a higher probability of that child growing up to be gay. And no one sees this as unjust or questionable, or an infringement on the freedom of that little child who cannot speak up for his/her rights. The paedophiles (adults who have a sexual desire for children) can as well fight for their rights too, because this is also an unfortunate psychological disorder, which needs medical attention; there will be no end to it, because the serial killer who always has an urge to kill just for the fun of it, could also ask for the backing of the law to protect his miserable medical condition rather than seeking medical help.

This reminds one of the legalization of abortion in the U.S., all we heard then was the right and freedom of the woman over her body. Not even her husband has the right to stop her from aborting her baby. But how about the rights of the unborn child? They have no voice of theirs. A trained wildlife Biologist once commented that he couldn’t understand why in California, it’s okay to kill an unborn human, but against the federal and state laws to kill or destroy the egg of a California condor (or bird) and that such a person is made to pay a fine and serve a jail term. These are serious inconsistencies, which need to be resolved. The U.S. needs to have a re-think.

Is this the kind of “freedom” we want? A freedom, which tramples on the freedom of the weak and vulnerable. The few straights who get married and have children (rather than dogs or cats) feel they have a right to abort the children, while the others want a legal backing to marry their own sex! The U.S population is already experiencing zero population growth (ZPG) that is, if it is not already experiencing a negative population growth rate (NPG). This of course indicates a dying population. For a population to remain as it is, couples must have at least two children to replace themselves. But that is certainly not the case in many advanced countries. Couples now prefer to have pets as children and to make matters worse; they have hastened their extinction process by the legalization of same sex unions. No wonder we have unending wars and unrest all over the world…because a little evil breeds more evil, and an amoral society can never know true peace.

There is a small percentage of people who are attracted to their own sex. In the past this was called abnormal psychology and such persons are given medical attention. But now even those that do not have this disorder are lured with money to be a part of it, as if it were a game. Sadly enough, we already have gay clubs like this existing in some parts of Nigeria. We have to be very vigilant and warn our children not to be lured into such despicable groups because of money.

Same sex issue is a concern because the U.S wants the whole world to follow in its footsteps, especially as being one of the world powers.  The U.S. is very meticulous in fighting for “IT’s” rights and freedom, but sometimes tramples on and disregards the rights, freedom and culture of other countries, through the conditions she gives before rendering help to developing countries, conditions which has no regard for the culture of the people.

Let us all keep praying and working for Nigeria. We have to make things work because there is no place like home

Oseghale wrote from Benin City.

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  • Benedict Atolagbe

    God Bless their America..
    I wish that country well anyway.
    But logically its been so unfortunate and sad we hear such freedom perpetuate in a country like the U.S…
    For me, its “GOBE” for them…

  • ade

    Have you taken a close look and observed gay people before? If you have access to them, compare them to straight human beings and come up with your own observation results. To me, they appear biologically different from the mainstream, just my opinion and I may be wrong……