Wanted: Revolutionary War Against Corruption

BuhariWe have had more than enough commentaries on Corruption and its ravaging effects. Everyone knows and feels it – except those in the corridors of power. We have heard enough blame games – on who is the guiltier, or which is the guiltier regime, etc.

But if Corruption has indeed begun to kill Nigeria and Nigerians, the first law of Nature is survival. Nigeria needs to declare War against Corruption with the intent of killing it before it kills us! (Well, some scholars, rationalists and thinkers have said that Corruption cannot be totally annihilated. But it can, and must be fought and decimated to a status where it will not pose any danger to our survival and well-being – as in the advanced “First World” countries). Blame games, criticisms, scoffing, distrust etc will not fight corruption for us.

With the Killer status the scourge has assumed in Nigeria, it will demand nothing short of a Revolution – a Bloodless Revolution – to effectively combat it. The settings in 1917 USSR, 1775 America, and 1789 France, which triggered the respective Revolutions in those countries were also situations of advanced stages of corruption and oppression in which the masses, in their millions were being discriminated against and short-changed by an elite few.

President Buhari has justifiably declared War on Corruption. None of the successful, life-changing revolutions of the past was staged and executed by one man. Yes, one man could have initiated; one man could spearhead and motivate. But it takes the force of people en masse moving in unison behind the driving force towards the common goal – to achieve success. So, the president needs to carry the people along for the execution of the war.

It is not a war to be waged by the All Progressives Congress against the Peoples Democratic Party – neither the Umbrella nor the Broom is completely faultless. Both have had their shortcomings and their hands soiled in the scheme of things.

There is not a single one of us who is absolutely clean. Is there not Corruption in every home? Indeed, the Good Book says it all: Not one of us, born of woman is holy – and I have no doubt there would be an equivalent passage in the Quoran. It is a revolution for 170 million Nigerians. Every Nigerian has everything to gain by waging a genuine, sincere and effective war against corruption.

President Buhari, as the one now in the Driving seat of the Nigerian vehicle, has to put on the toga of a revolutionary. He must imbibe the political, moral and spiritual will for the task. The flaks, criticisms and knocks, which he has been receiving so far, I believe, are due to the suspicion too many people have on the execution of the war so far. The war has not been conscientiously declared and presented to the entire nation as a revolution for the benefit of the Nigerian peoples and the corporate Nigerian state.

He must set the stage and state out the sincere modus operandi for the revolution. The people must be mobilized to self-appraise themselves, prepare to “born” themselves anew from the devilish systemic scourge of corruption.

Are we ready for this revolution? Are we pained enough that many of us are sweating it out every day, working diligently contributing to the economic purse and well-being of our country, but are not getting the minimum amenities and utilities for our own well-being?

Are we concerned that our land is blessed with abundant mineral and natural resources enough to make us richer than the United States or Britain, etc. but in the midst of these, we, the people are among the poorest in the world who cannot afford good food for us and our children? We demand for our birthright – to have a fair share of the fortunes embedded in our own land.

Are we determined to stop a tiny group of people, a so called “Cabal” from denying us our birthright – to have our fair share of the fortunes in our own land; to neutralize them from cheating on millions of us and cornering our collective wealth for themselves alone – thus sentencing us to wallow in poverty from generation to generation?

Are we interested to clean the rot, kill the virus and set up a rational, humane, God-fearing society; put Nigeria amongst the civilized comity of nations that will make us all proud and well; and leave a legacy for generations to come?

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, National Leader of the ruling APC said in a speech he delivered on Saturday (Feb. 27, 2016) after receiving a Honourary Doctor of Business degree at the convocation ceremony of the University of Abuja [Punch; Feb. 29, 2016; page 9]:

“Nigeria stands in the corridor between Greatness and Failure; between Progress and Collapse; between Hope and Despair. Our fate depends on whether we would summon the courage to take the bold steps and move in the direction. . . The state of the nation is in a difficult, but encouraging one. . .”

We pray that President Buhari would be endowed with the courage and the wisdom to do the needful.
• Faniyan is a Lagos based author, publisher and communications consultant.

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