We must learn again to fly

Some wound cuts so deep we forget where the pain comes from;
We itch to run from congealed blood, from lakes in rivers deltas into brimless sea – we forget how to flow.

Sir:The first stanza of the poem is an exposition of the current situation we are facing as a nation. Nigeria is in a deep wound with an unbearable pain.

The mess of the past administration(s), which led to the near-comatose state of our economy has worsened, one year after the pain is becoming unbearable. Our nation has been hemorrhaging on all fronts, “from lakes into rivers, and deltas into brimless sea.”

Things are biting so hard that the Faustian deal upon which this government rode to power is gradually fading away. Even with the present achievements of the government, especially in the areas of security, and the fight against corruption, the second stanza of the poem summed it all:
“Some hunger grow so steep it cuts the sun and takes away our eyes till we drown, weighed down by the call at sit-bed – we forget how to awaken.”

Nigerians are in a state of despair, everywhere you go, you can see expression of frustration written on peoples’ faces. They are yet to see any positive change of the APC-led government, a peep at social media sites, public places or public transport will give you a comprehensive summary of different definition of change.

The political consciousness is becoming unimaginable, if we had held our past leaders accountable the way we have done to this present government just one year after, we would have been better off.

One year after, Nigerians are still asking for the change they voted for. We are paying higher electricity bills for darkness, unemployment is still multiplying like cancerous cells, our markets are becoming as quiet as grave yards as a result of food scarcity and high increase in price of food, ethnic cleansing in the guise of Fulani herdsmen is becoming uncontrollable and the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta – not forgetting the turbulent state of our economy. But even in the face of all these challenges, rescuing our country from the bottomless pit it had previously been plunged is non-negotiable. I appeal to Nigerians not to give up on this government yet, like they have always pleaded, let’s give them time to right the wrongs. Yet we must learn again to fly!

Joe Onwukeme,
e-mail: unjoeratedjoe@gmail.com

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