How many govs can Kogi make out of Audu?



FRESH out of prison in 1999, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, when responding to an enquiry about news making the rounds that he wanted to have a shot at the presidency, responded by saying “how many presidents do you want to make out of me?”

Apparently the retired general thought he had had enough leading Nigeria as a Military Head of State who was enjoying an unprecedented global recognition as a statesman who, despite the sit-tight syndrome of African leaders, handed over power to an elected civilian regime.

With the benefit of hindsight, the Owu High Chief definitely changed his position on the issue because after his two-term tenure many alleged that the old general wanted a shot at an unconstitutional third term by planning some abracadabra for tenure elongation.

Obviously not wanting to be caught in the same web of changing position and even playing Oliver Twist afterwards, former Kogi State governor, Abubakar Audu has refused to commit the Obasanjo gaffe as he has declared that he is not too old to govern his state and that his people can make as many governors as possible out of him.

The Prince in politics who became the governor of the state 26 years ago in 1991 during the aborted Third Republic and again in 1999 at the inception of the present dispensation has thrown his hat into the ring once again as he had done even after leaving office in 2003.

He has declared matter-of-factly that he has to come back to rescue Kogi (which he described as his baby) from the hands of foster parents who because they didn’t go through the painful process of childbirth, could not give their best for a baby that was delivered of him making many to ask the question “how many governors does Audu want Kogi to make out of him?”

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  • Ige Sodiq Hameed


  • FirecloudOFGOD

    If Audu comes back, what will become of Kogi? This means another Igala Governor descends on the carcass of the the state economy? Poor Kogi, who will bury the skeleton of what is left of the state’s finances?