Igbo group seeks Kanu’s release

Mr.-Nnamdi-KanuAn Igbo group, Njiko Ndigbo Forum, has expressed disappointment over the continuous disobedience of court orders on the release of the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

In a statement yesterday in Enugu, signed by the President of the group,  Okechukwu Obioha, Njiko Igbo Forum further expressed concern over what it described as “flagrant disobedience of the rule of law by agencies of government, especially as it concerns Kanu.”

The group said: “While we salute the courage of Nnamdi Kanu’s stand,
which will encourage and strengthen the attitude of the citizenry as to the obedience of verdicts from the judiciary, we urge the judiciary to use this case to prove that they are very important, strong and independent arm of our democracy.”

The group berated the attitude of Igbo governors and some leaders over
Kanu’s continued incarceration, even when it is against his fundamental human rights, warning that disobedience to court orders by some institutions in the land could lead to breakdown of law and order.

Njiko Igbo Forum said the nation’s fledgling democracy would be preserved when government institutions act within the limits of the law, expressing regrets that so far, actions of certain institutions have betrayed the quest.

The forum reiterated its earlier position that the “unconditional’release of Kanu was one way to end the current agitation for Biafra among Igbo youths, stressing that the Federal Government should not ignore the issue.

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  • amador kester

    How this magnificient ethnic group vaunted in the 1960s as the hope of africa,pride of black race and to which other tribal dignitaries attained status by marrying its daughters suddemly became the only failed super ethnic group globally since 1966 will be a puzzle to history

  • Tayo Akin

    The law should take preeminence, protest is a right in democratic setting, however that right is not a licence for brigan. Kanu has a right to voice his opinion about Biafra, but seeking to undermine the peace of Nigeria by calling other tribes names is illegal. Violence does not pay.

    • Okolie Vitus

      Which part of the constitution forbids calling names? Calling names is not good but is not illegal.

  • Tayo Akin

    You may want to do some research on what Kanu said about other tribes and draw a line between freedom of speech under the constitution and illegality. Try some of the YouTube clips and make your judgment. Wars fought in the past were as a result of words, pouring venom on other tribes apart from Ibo is unconstitutional, every right has a limit. Kanu’s tribe has right to self determination but not at the expense of the peace and existence other tribes.

  • Jazzy

    If you disobey court rule your a terrorist, if you disobey human right your a terriorist, if you deny people their freedom your a terrorist, if you kill peaceful protesters your a terrorist, so bokoharam is not the only terriorist, Nigeria is a terrorist state and a jungle. #Free Nnamdi Kanu #Free Biafra. All hail Biafra.