Deforestation speeds up global warming

ForestANY more deforestation, and we just might not have a breathable world to live in. Not only does clearing out the rain forest steal the natural habitation from animals and plant life, it makes the Earth absorb more heat from the sun. This causes water sources to dry up and makes summers hotter.

Claude Martin, a previous president of the World Wildlife Fund, urges politicians to center attention on forest depletion. He notes that rain forests have been allowed to slip into a forgotten state. Reportedly, chunks of rainforest the size of Switzerland are being cut down annually.

Martin regards the mowing down of forests to be a state of emergency worthy of intervention. Once a widely discussed issue from the 1980s to the 1990s, deforestation has taken a back seat to other issues concerning the ecosystem as of late.

It’s been assumed that earth could purify 50% of the carbon emissions from humans, but this isn’t so as there will be no forest to cushion the fall if there is nothing but waste lands where forests used to be.

He stresses that if forests are decimated with such ferociy, generations in the not-so-distant future will feel the burn. What does he recommend? He wants shoppers to know they have influence and by buying items labeled “free of deforestation” they can send politicians a message.

If this continued hacking away of the forests persists, consequences may not be immediate, but a nightmare our children will live to see. Within many of these forest also lies the potential for medicinal plants which if go extinct will take with it the many lives it could have saved. Shoppers are advised to look for Eco-friendly products that were made with the environment in mind.

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  • amador kester

    A massive tree planting campaign of economic trees should be mounted nation wide with an effective mode of implementation to help address and mitigate urgent environmental imperatives like climate change,flooding,erosion,global warming etc as well as serving as horticultural sources of significant revenue to the masses