Firm unveils architectural wall finishing solution

architectUnrelenting in the search for a perfect wall finishing that provides solution to all the challenges of smoothness, an innovation called Synthetic Solution Tiles considered to be of best value for technicians, developers and the built industry has been introduced.
The initiative, a product of five years of research and thorough credible lab and site tests, Synthetic solution product can be applied to block wall if properly laid or plastered, to give more value to paint and retains its vibrancy, apart from adding aesthetic quality and 50 per cent chances of un-breaking in application to curved or round edge of building.
With a weight of 1.0kilogram, size 0.40 by 0.40, and sold out measure at per square meter made up of six pieces, the product would benefit the built industry by preventing walls from cracking, serve the purpose of wall screeding, provide parallel surface and provide greater water resistance unlike the conventional cement and sand mixture wall plastering.

The Chief Executive Officer of Translucent Services Incorporation Communication, Abdulhakeem Murtadoh told The Guardian that the product can be directly applied on the wall without plastering once the blocks are well arranged with the chokings and block at a parallel level, adding that it would solve the challenge usually associated with plastered walls in water-prone areas like Lekki and Ajah areas of Lagos.

“The product stands to replace plastering and the screeding; applying POP to the wall. You only need to set the blocks and apply cement at the middle of the blocks, well choked and smooth to the surface of the block. If there are buildings that have been plastered, it can still be applied and it does ‘not drop from the walls no matter the numbers of years. Tiles is 100percent breakable but the Synthetic Solution is 50percent un-breakage, produced in Nigeria but the materials are imported.”

“In terms of cost, there is this saying in business that: the larger the quantity, the lower the price and so quantity will control the price. You prices keep going up every day, before now the materials was a bit cheaper but now because of exchange rate, it has increased from 60per cent to 90per cent. This product will give you a smooth, parallel wall and prevent water from spoiling your paint on the cement wall. You can correct errors and manipulate it, to give you the best smooth surface”, he explained.
He said assessing enough capital has hindered mass-production of the product coupled with the fact that the company was new to the market,” we want to first see how much people will appreciate the product and also we have the plan to even sell the patent right and after selling the patent right, we can produce for the company that is buying the patent right yearly, with a guarantee”, he said.

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