Redeemed Church picks ITB for N2b Trinity Towers

An illustration of the proposed Trinity Towers in Lagos.

Fueled by the need to provide office accommodation to the growing business community in Victoria Island, the City of David, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has confirmed the selection of a building and civil engineering firm for its flagship project- Trinity Towers.

The church has picked Messrs ITB Nigeria Limited as its main contractor and already signed an agreement to commence construction. The firm was given a 30- month target for the completion of the 13 -floor edifice.

On completion, the iconic Trinity Towers will be among Nigeria’s three-tower buildings, with each tower having 13 floors.

Located directly opposite the church auditorium in Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, the tower will be an integrated family centre in a neighbourhood steeped in history, yet at the forefront of the future.

The Trinity Towers is a unique structure with three towers linked together having apartments, office space, food courts, underground and multi-storey car parks, function rooms and recreational facilities.

The design of the structure , architects say , is deliberate to achieve the objective of raising consistent, long-term funding for social intervention programmes as most of the floor spaces will be leased out.

Real estate valuers say, the ambitious edifice will cost the church over N2 billion

Speaking on the project, Yemi Stephens, Partner, Estate Links, whose company serves as leasing agent said piling on the project was completed last year by Foundation Construction while the main contract for the construction has been signed with ITB Nigeria Limited.

He explains, “The expectation is that when this property will be coming to the market, the economy should be on its way back to recovery. “We believe that in the next 30 months the economy will be different from what it is today”.

The edifice, which will be sitting on 10,000 square metres, combines three towers into structural beauty and functionality that offer the best of environments for business and leisure.

It also boasts of an interior that will position it as prime residential and commercial property.

Apart from that, it has a 5, 000-seater concert hall, which will have automated and integrated lighting, sound and video system and state-of-the-art audio visual facilities suitable for live broadcast.

These will all provide optimum acoustic delivery.

Speaking further, Stephens said space, light and aesthetics make the edifice a functional work of art, and its environmental credentials are impeccably combined to maximise the use of natural light and ventilation. High efficiency glazing will reduce heat loss and reflect ultra-violet rays for lower energy consumption.

Besides parking spaces for 670 cars in the multi-storey car park, Trinity Towers also has green spaces for tenants surrounding the building as well as connecting walkways between the towers to provide access and minimize disruption. There are also indoor amusements for the kids, retail facility and cinema experience for all the family from the two cinema halls, recreational theme park and shopping centre.

“The jewel on top of the crown is the rooftop swimming pool flanking a helipad”, The project architect enthused, explaining that the pool is positioned to offer stunning views of the island and environs while getting the best of the tropical sunlight.

The Trinity Towers resonates with the slogan of the City of David, “where the love of God reigns, where dreams come true, where legends are born and tomorrow’s history is experienced today”.

The Church led by Pastor Idowu Iluyomade holds strongly to the philosophy of Church Social Responsibility (CSR) in addition to having a spiritual impact.

Consequently, the church said it is deeply involved in community and social development , which made the Trinity Towers an extension of City of David’s contributions in various spheres of influence

To enhance its already broad impact in society, the church will redirect a good proportion of the inflows from the Trinity Towers to both existing and new projects.

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  • femi

    Apartments, hotels, officecomplex for sale and to rent is this a business or all about the worship of God

    • Umukoro Oghenenyerhovwo Adiel

      That is a billion dollar question.

    • basquiat

      Who says you cant worship God and do your business. As long as one doesnt interfere with the other. And no am not a redeem member.

  • Ad Rant

    There is need for real estate in every area of our lives; either for hospitality, worship, residential, commercial or business.
    I explained on why we all need to be involved now.


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  • Steve Edigbe

    A church having this kind of investment should be made to pay tax. FRCN should take a look at all churches having business apart from normal church building and charity works.

    • Sincerity

      Where have you being?

      Churches that have business empires have been paying taxes.

      Ask Living faith and Covenant University

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    ” Feed My sheep…” That’s why under the rules you are a charity.

  • Araoye Tope Isaac
  • The mirror

    I hope this kind of venture will not cause the Redeem Church to lose focus on the real message of the Word of God which is “feed my sheep”Are the poor people going to enjoy this undertaking because weall know that that the two billion naira earmark forthe project will come from the tithes and offerings of the poor.Only God knows the real essence of such a venture from a church