Sink In The Kitchen


THE sink is a necessary part of the kitchen. From food preparation to washing up, the sink is in constant use in the kitchen. 

  The sink is made in different materials, shapes, sizes and colour. Common among these include stainless steel, ceramic, concrete and cast iron sinks.

  Cost, functionality and aesthetics should be considerations when selecting sink material. For instance, stainless steel sink could be affordable, but it can scratch and show watermarks easily. Other qualities that good stainless steel sink possess are brushed finishes and undercoating to deaden sounds, nickel and chrome for durability. Nickel helps in preventing corrosion while chrome enhances the finish.

  Ceramic (glazed and unglazed) and acrylic sinks work well when made part of seamless countertops. Find out about damage and staining from manufacturer or sellers as these can vary with each of the materials.

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