Decorating With Dried Flower

Dried Flowers 4 CopyDreid-Flowers-1-CopyAPART from selecting the right kind of furniture, floor covering or curtain, the look of the home can be enhanced significantly by using other beautiful decorations such as paintings, decorative bowls and flowers.

Fresh flowers make a room livelier but it is not always that you have them around because they are perishable. In that case, you can still do lovely decoration with dried ones.

Dried flowers allow for once beautiful blooms to be preserved for posterity. If taken care of properly, dried flowers can last a long time.

Decorating with died flowers is easy. There are many ways to use them in the home décor. Display the dried flowers in a container like china bowl. Use flower colours that complement the colours of the china in your collection. Use a ribbon to tie around the bowl that matches the container and the flowers.

Many flowers and foliage can be preserved well using various methods. The main methods used are: air-drying, glycerine, dessicants, and pressing. Some flowers just work better than others. Flowers that have high water content do not air-dry well.

Blooms should not be fully mature or they will lose their petals in the flower drying process. Also, consider the types of flowers you are using. Air-drying will work for more robust varieties such as roses or small long-lasting varieties like lavender.

Dried flowers are beautiful additions to any section of the home and also work environment.

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