DJ Moonlait: Disc jockey not as demanding as most professions

DJ Moonlait

DJ Moonlait

For Queen Martha Udeme, who is well known by the moniker, DJ Moonlait, disc jockeying is not as demanding as most professions. The female DJ who is making wave in South-South region of the country is a household name when it comes to disc jockey.

According to her, she is not in the league of people who prefer to sit in their comfort zones, as she recently relocated to Lagos with a view to find herself a space in the DJ business in the nation’s commercial capital and hub for entertainment.

In a chat with Weekend Beat, Moonlait says she has what it take to make wave in a male dominated game and competitive city like Lagos, adding that her quest to make greater impact and leave imprint in the showbiz influenced her decision to relocate.

She said, “I am here to stay and I’m doing well already; Lagos is the hub of entertainment. I already have a brand in Port Harcourt, but I need to reach out to more people.”

Like most Nigerian DJs, Moonlait didn’t have any formal training. The Rivers State University of Science and Technology Computer Science graduate said she was very conservative in school, as such not a fan of parties or shows.

“I never knew I would be a DJ until 2012. I just noticed that when people meet me for the first time, they asked if I was a DJ, even when I was yet to think of it. It was a church member that told me to give it a thought. I went into disc jockey because I felt I could do better mixtapes than the ones I was hearing inside commercial buses.

“But my mentor, DJ Big Joe, said that I must start going to clubs and shows to be a better DJ. I fell sick and there were cases I slept in the club when people were still having fun. I fought my boss severally because he didn’t allow me to go home when I insisted. But I got used to it gradually; now, I find it hard to sleep at night even when I am not working,” she added.

When she needed to pick a name, there was confusion. But DJ Big Joe was quick to inform her that there must be something distinct about her. “When I opened the door, my complexion reflected and the next thing he said was ‘see moonlight ooo.

“I love the name (DJ Moonlait) so much despite the fact that many people have tried to convince me to change it. When I joined Rhythm 96.7FM Port Harcourt in 2012, they tried to make me change it to my first name, Queen.”

Though no more with Rhythm 96.7FM, she still goes there to play whenever she visits Garden City as she has kept the relationship intact. Her fathers’ undying support is one key thing that has kept going in the showbiz.

According to her, when she told her father four years ago that she wanted to be a DJ, he didn’t object or rebuked her like most fathers would do, especially being a girl child.

“When I told him, he gave me money to buy instrument. At parties, he comes on stage to cheer me up and tell people that I’m his daughter. I played at the weddings of my two elder brothers and my sister’s child dedication ceremony too. My family members are happy I’m a DJ. When they see a man with me, they always ask if he knows what I do. They don’t want a man who is not interested in what I do.”

She doesn’t think she can sacrifice her love for music for marriage. As a Christian, she holds unto God’s promise to give all her heart desires. “So, a man who loves me must allow me to do what makes me happy.

“I am single at the moment, but all my ex were supportive of what I’m doing. Some of them were always coming to where I work. Though they had friends or people around them who questioned the relationship, they stood their grounds. As time goes on, I see myself reducing night events. I’m deeply into this and I expect my would-be husband to support me as a DJ.”

For her, disc jockeying is not as demanding as most professions. “The way we look at things most times is wrong. Bankers go to work in the morning and come back late at night.

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