Don’t think it’s easy to forgive the betrayed you



When I first started seeing my boyfriend, things were great until I suspected he was telling me some lies.

I spoke to other people, got the truth and eventually confronted him. Although I knew the facts and absolute truth, he still denied he ever lied.

We broke up for about two months and during that time, he confessed to ALL the lies I caught him in and begged for my forgiveness. I decided to give him another chance and things were really going well, despite the fact that I have major trust issues with him now.

But just recently, I caught him in another lie and I am beginning to think it is useless to always have to forgive him.

Sometimes, I feel that he is insulting my intelligence, because even though I know the truth, he continues to deny it. Other than the lies, he has been the best guy I have ever met.

We have been together for two years now and I don’t know if I can deal with the emotional stress. Sometimes, I get the feeling he has betrayed me and I cannot do anything about it. So, I get so angry with him and I treat him poorly.

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