Enter Soludo believe it to see it…A tone of freshness


It’s no longer news that young Nigerians are expressing their passion, particularly with music. What is news is the rate at which the children of ‘who is who’ in the Nigerian polity, economic, policy formulators and religious leaders are joining the music industry. Anyway, that is a story for another day.

Like a refreshing splash in a pool of cold water that wears out the sting of a hot tropical sun on the skin, so are the breaths of lyrics and rhythms that makes up Ozonna Soludo’s songs.

Wait a minute; are you probing the name? Yes, it is the same Soludo you and I know… the world renowned Professor of Economics and ex-governor of CBN, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

Save the energy, the economist is not a singer. It is his son, Ozonna. The New York-based has joined the growing list of young Nigerians in the art and craft of music.

Speaking in at media chat with journalists in Ikeja, Lagos, the fast-rising act’s country manager, Chuddy Anene said the Institute of Contemporary Music, London-trained artiste is bringing to the industry a fresh breathe to the clutters that fills the airwaves and jumps at music lovers from different directions, leaving everyone hazy and gasping for real music.

He said, “The 22-year-old son of the world renowned Professor of Economics and ex-governor of CBN- Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, is a fast-rising star, gifted musician who studied at the Institute of Contemporary Music, London is using this medium to herald his intentions to bless his fans and lovers of quality music in Nigeria with his unique sounds by bringing it home.”

“Ozonna, who left the shores of Nigeria for London at a tender age is never out of touch with his homeland and though may be new in the Nigerian terrain, he is far from being a new kid in the block. His rich writing style and multi-cultural influences have shaped his music into what it is today, a tapestry of deep passion and love, woven from a diverse and exciting personal story,” he added.

Anene noted that Ozonna’s musical journey has met with a long list of accomplishments, performing all through London and has open the stage for the likes of Chrystal Fighters, Kyla La Grange, We Have Band, and Alice Gold.

According to Anene, his promo single Me & You On Top, which got rotation in six U.S markets and featured on over 400 major blogs, has received nearly one million hits on YouTube channels. Atlantic Records executive, Rahim Wright, hosted his first show in New York, and since, he gone on to with other major labels in country.

On the genre of music Soludo does, Anene stated, “Ozonna does an arresting fusion of pop, dance, African rhythms and other world music influences. He is blessed with an ability to skillfully blend diverse rhythms, penning insightful lyrics and vocals ranging from bass to falsetto.

“Our desire for the Nigerian fans to enjoy this rare craft is the reason we are bringing his game home for awareness. Ozonna showcases those rare talents on his debut five-song suite extended play (EP) titled Believe It to See It.

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