Give a gift that speaks from the heart this valentine’s

Another Valentine’s Day is here again and while the economy is not too encouraging, you can still celebrate this day with loved ones without breaking the bank.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation to loved ones and this year, gifting that special man in your life handkerchief and singlet must not repeat itself again. Gifting that special woman in your life some generic chocolates and card must not happen again. Valentine’s Day gifts, whether big or small, should be a sweet gesture that shows your loved one just how much they mean to you and must be thoughtful. With just a little research, finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be very easy.

Here are some gift ideas to guide you but ensure you have in mind what they have been asking for and get it for them if you can afford it.

Romantic gifts
A coordinate neckpiece: Wherever you met your significant other, you can use a personalised neckpiece to commemorate the most important place (where you met and date) in your relationship.Day at the spa: the country is very stressful especially Lagos and a spa day with all the works is a great idea. Throw in manicure, pedicure and facials and you will be a star in your loved ones eyes. Opt for a couple’s massage to make this gift more romantic, or gift a massage or spa day for one to make your partner feel extra special.

Bouquet of flowers: Natural flowers would always beat artificial flowers any day, so go look for natural, beautiful flowers to wow your loved one. Add something to the flowers to show you put in effort.Personalised photo book/album: Create a custom photo book highlighting all your favourite memories with your significant other.

For the avid cook: You can gift him/her the latest kitchen gadgets or something that would make cooking or washing up easier.
For the fashionista: You don’t have to be a makeup expert and might feel hopeless at the cosmetics counter, but you could order her a personalised makeup bag with her favourite products. She’ll stay organised and think of you every time she grabs something out of the bag. For a man, you can get him quality male care products and intimates; men usually don’t buy those themselves.
Homemade gift basket: It is not only at Christmas that you gift out hampers and gift baskets, Valentine’s Day is also a perfect day to gift your loved ones a thoughtful hamper. Ensure you fill it with necessary, useful and thoughtful gifts that would have them thinking of you all year long.

Rustic chic picture frame: This is a super sweet and easy gift that can pack a big punch. Get your superglue out for this fun gift. Make an open-concept picture frame by attaching four pieces of wood and then stapling two pieces of string across the back. Add decorative clothespins with photos of you with your loved one and decorate to taste for a sweet and inexpensive DIY gift; or grab a frame and have a photo of the two of you together printed out. Better yet, have the photo printed on canvas or wood.
Cook for her: On this day, enter the kitchen and cook up something special for her and the children if you have any. Sometimes easy is just what you need, and there’s nothing like the smell of hot jollof rice filling the house. You can read and follow a cookbook as well as the next person so get to it.

Board games: Gift your loved one a board game, and you’ll have a brand new activity that the two of you can enjoy together. Skip the traditional games and if you really want to heat things up, get a flirty “adult” card game.A surprise vacation: If you want to really spice it up, book an increasingly popular mystery vacation. You pick the budget and the dates and find out where you’re going once you get to the airport.

A copy of their favourite book: This one is easy and romantic. Pick up a copy of their favourite author and gift it to them with a personalised message written inside the front cover. If you can afford a limited edition book, why not?
Bridging the gap: Gifts for long Distance relationships

We didn’t forget you lovebirds in long distance relationships and we are aware that LDR can be a challenge. Here are some things you can do even if they are far away from you on that day.

Delivery flowers: It’s hard to maintain a strong relationship if you feel disconnected from your partner. Help them feel a little closer to you by ordering flowers to their home or work. It will make your partner feel special that you haven’t forgotten them.
Key chain: We use our keys everyday; so buying a key chain is a good way to give your partner a reminder of how much you love them. This couple’s key chain is perfect for long distance relationships.

A dual zone watch. If you live between time zones, you know how annoying it is to constantly calculate the time difference. A dual zone watch is a thoughtful gift for your long distance partner that will solve this problem.If all these fail, money is an everlasting gift that you can never get wrong.

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