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Growth- Image source makingittv

Growth- Image source makingittv

Accurate Thinking and making decision based on Facts
There are a number of misleading information, expressions and things we hold as true the people have used for years and years and years to guide their life, and the unfortunate thing about it is that most of this information is not based on fact. In most cases the information is an outright lie and people have been using these lies to make life altering decisions which most times lead to doom and gloom. I always advocate for people to “THINK ACCURATELY” this is a major part of what I teach and it cannot be over emphasized. Lets look at some clear examples of inaccurate thinking and the lies you have been told.

“If its truly yours then let it go, it will always find its way back”. Remember this one, I have heard it over and over and over again when I was growing up. However I always rejected it but sadly many of my friends believed this nonsense and they paid dearly for it. I have a friend that was about to get married to, not a good man but a great man. Then her family started acting up saying this and that and why they should not marry now and so on. My friend resisted and resisted and I tried my best to support her. Then her mother came forward with the magic phrase “if he is truly yours, then let him go, he will come back”. Well she was taken in by this statement and because she had heard it so many times before she believed it. So she let him go. And guess what in two years he was married to someone else. As for my friend, she is presently 36 years old and not yet married. She is bitter, angry and no longer speaks to many members of her family including her mother. If only she had rejected this statement life would have turned out differently. Remember folks we are the result of our decisions, so base all your decisions on accurate information. And reject the nonsense. I wonder why those who advocate this saying never apply it to money. When anybody advises you to let your passion or your dream go, please ask them to let their money go first and then you will follow right after them.

“We are all Equal”. What a big fat lie. I am sure you have all heard and read this one. In fact the history of mankind is based in a large fact on the story around the struggle for equality. Well believe it or not there is no such thing as real true equality. And that’s a fact. No to people are equal, no two situations can be equal and no two solutions will give you equal results. Any manger of people or resources will tell you that people tend to apply themselves based on their different motivations and the results are always different ad that is why people will always be compensated differently.

A football player that clubs are paying $35 million for a chance for the player to play on their team, cannot be equal to the guy that plays soccer in your community play ground? That employee that goes out every day and sells and sells and sells bringing in millions in revenue for your company cannot be equal to the sales person that comes back every day with excuses of bad economic situation, bad weather, car broke down, they stopped me on the way, they are coming next week. If you believe that we are all equal and all things matter equally then you will fail again and again on the things that matter the most largely because you are giving equal attention to insignificant things alongside the important things.

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