Abisola Ajimobi calls the shots

Abisola Ajimobi

Abisola Ajimobi

In every kingdom, no matter how wise and knowledgeable the king may be, there is always a man or woman who has the king’s ears on every matter. Such a person is readily favoured and positioned to be one of the forces around who the king forms his ‘kitchen cabinet.’

In Oyo State, where Governor Abiola Ajimobi dictates the pace of governance, the person who enjoys such status is not someone far away from him or whom he met through politics or any corporate engagement. It is his own blood, Abisola, his daughter and wife of Kolapo Kola-Daisi.

It is not that Bisola is grounded in politics and public administration, neither has she learnt the ropes of governance from anywhere or anyone. Well-respected by many people in her father’s cabinet, because of her stern composure, Bisola is seen as one of the most powerful people in Oyo State today right from the beginning of the administration of her father, who has quite a number of brilliant and intelligent professionals in his cabinet.

While there have been no reports of friction between her and any of her father’s aides, she is reputed to carry around her aura of power, which makes many to genuflect as she transverses the corridors of power.

It is no wonder that her phones always ring incessantly due to calls from favour-seekers who need one thing or the other from her father. Even for commissioners and other top civil servants in the state, the respect of this lady is the beginning of wisdom.

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Abisola Ajimobi
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