How To Start Planning Your Wedding

RelationshipCongratulations to you out there who are already engaged and are looking forward to being married. Your engagement period is a really exciting one and you sure want to let everyone know about it.

It is also a time to start planning and preparing for the wedding. Here are a few things you will need to start planning for your big event.

First Thing First

Before you start planning for your wedding, we advise strongly that as a couple, two of you should first talk generally about what you both want and how your dream wedding would look like.

You must be able to compare your different ideas, make compromises where necessary and arrive at a single wedding idea that will suit both of you.

This will help you get started on the same page, harmonise your different ideas and come up with a single idea that will define your wedding theme, style and design.

The assumption that you will both like the same things regarding your wedding may be too costly to make.

Guest List

Now that you have a good idea what you both want and are buzzing for your wedding, you are probably ready to start trying to make it a reality. The next step then is to write down a list of all the people you will want to be present on your wedding. This gives you an idea of the numbers you want.

Once you know roughly the numbers you will want, you will be able to choose your venue, which in turn will let you set a more precise date.

Write a list of all your ideal guests, but be sure to also include a few slightly more ‘expendable’ invitees. This way, you will be able to cut the numbers down if you need to in order to afford a smaller place.

The Venues

Now, things are getting a little more real. The next big step is to think about the venue. From your talks, you should at this stage know roughly when you want to get married and roughly where you think you would like to do it.

This means you can now look at venues that fit the bill and try to find one that matches your budget and your timescale, while also giving you that ‘wow’ moment.

Once this is booked and you have a date set, you can then start looking at the finer details.

The Bits And Pieces Of Your Wedding Plans

So, what are those finer details? Well, specifically, it means things like wedding invitations, photographers, transport, decorations, catering, cakes, entertainment… all the things that will turn your venue into a real wedding venue and make the moment perfect.

This is probably what you would call the ‘complex part.’ It is usually the more stressful element of the whole process and the stage where you will need help.

We usually advise strongly that you hire a professional to do these for you for two main reasons. First, it saves you a whole lot of stress and headaches and affords you the luxury of being relaxed and feeling like a guest at your own wedding.

The second reason is the fact that an event professional will be able to source for you the best vendors and at the best prices that you most likely won’t be able to.

You may wish to reach us through any of our contacts above for a perfect planning for your wedding and at no strain on your budget.


Remember that the most important thing through all of this is to have fun and to take it easy. It is all too easy to start panicking when planning your wedding and turning it into something that is more about other people than yourselves.

From the moment you present or receive the engagement ring to the moment you get married, make sure you don’t lose sight of why you are doing it or what really matters. That is a sincere advice.

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