If He Really Loves Me, Shouldn’t He Understand My Past?’

troubled-couple-1I HOPE publishing this will help me. I am currently in a relationship with this guy for over one year now. Everything has really been very okay between us even if one can’t be perfect. He is a very caring and understanding man, but the major problem why I decided to write this peace is because I was not truthful about my past and he kind of later found out and became really mad at me.

Back then in school, there was this guy I dated, who deceived me, abused me
mentally and physically and even raped me. I had to quit the relationship. So I met my current boyfriend two years ago and we started as friends and later fell in love with each other. Along the line, he asked me about my past, and because I was ashamed and wasn’t sure how he would feel about it if I told him the real story of my past, I decided to lie and told him I really didn’t have any past. Also I was really scared to lose him. After, we became very intimate that we were so close to each other, that we could hardly spend a minute without each other. The cat was let out of the bag two months ago. I don’t know how he found out every detail of what had transpired in my past and he confronted me. I had no choice but to open up to him, I told him everything.

He was so furious that he couldn’t control himself that he called me names. And every day he drills me with my past. I keep on saying sorry a thousand times, but he gets really upset and depressed ever yday and he kept on asking why I kept it from him all the while, that he had to find out himself. I know it’s my fault, but I love him so much and was scared to lose him. That was why I couldn’t tell him about my horrible past . But my boyfriend seems not to understand me. And he thinks because I am not a virgin (I was deflowered forcefully by my ex), he treats me like a whore.

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