‘Eight Years Ago, I Met The Woman Of My Dreams. She Pursued Me Relentlessly. I Am…’

EIGHT years ago, I met the woman of my dreams. She pursued me relentlessly. I am 10 years her senior and was initially hesitant about the age difference buy eventually gave in. From the first date on we were inseparable. I fell hard and fast for her. I loved her like no other before or since and have always carried those feelings with me. I thought things were perfect when she abruptly ended the whole thing without any explanation. She refused to speak to me and wouldn’t even acknowledge I existed. I was completely crushed. 

    I did my best to move on but it took a long time to shake the hurt. About a year later she attempted contact with me. I was still hurt and mad and wouldn’t talk to her. I still regret that decision. Three years later, I found out she had gotten married. It crushed me but at the same time made it easier to move on. I figured she found her happiness and any chance with her was now lost. I thought I had forgotten her until two weeks ago when she contacted me via face book. It immediately brought back all those feelings. I responded to her and after a few messages we traded phone numbers. The talk was casual the first day. 

   The next day, it started to get emotional. When asked why she ended it the way she did she said it was because I would never tell her I loved her. She was right I never did. I was honestly scared to. I had never felt that strong about anyone before and it really did scare me. This past Friday got real emotional. I was texting with her while she was working. I told her how I always did love her and that I still do and am no longer afraid to tell her and would give anything to have a second chance. It brought her to tears. She made a bee line from work to my place to see me and get a hug and a kiss. It felt amazing still after all these years. She had to get her children and could only stay briefly. 

    We chatted a little bit later that night and everything seemed great. The next day she would not respond to calls or texts this went on for four days with no contact from her. I was going nuts. I figured when she saw me for the first time in eight years she didn’t see me the same way she did before or possibly that I scared her off by showing my emotions to her. After four days I figured all was lost and the opportunity was over. I text her,” hey beautiful, I’m guessing I either scared you off or I’m not the man you remembered. I don’t want this to end like last time with silence. I still love you and wished this could have worked out. I’m not mad just disappointed. I wish you all the best and hope you find the man of your dreams who will love and treat you like you deserve to be. You will always have a place in my heart. I love you babe. Goodbye. Not even two minutes later I get a frantic text from her, “no I’m sorry I haven’t called I’m still trying to take all this in.” I felt like a **** and apologized. 

    We texted for a bit and then I left her alone for the rest of the night. I’ve got nothing else from her the last two days. Today I sent her this “hi beautiful. I still can’t stop thinking about you. I’m going to leave you alone to think. When you are ready to talk I’ll be here” I love you!” No response to that. This whole thing has me going nuts. I am an absolute basket case right now. I would really appreciate any advice or insight into what she may be doing or thinking. I should add that she does accept blame for never telling me her concerns about never sharing my feelings for her and expressed her regret for just walking out on me. She is no longer married. She divorced two years ago.

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