Mystery Of The Black He-Goat (2)



Continued from last week Saturday.

WITHIN the next few minutes, people from other flats and neighbourhood gathered in large numbers in response to his distress call. His screams was just too much to ignore. The whole area was filled with people, wondering what exactly was the matter.

“What is it, Mr. Koleosho?” they asked, “tell us the problem.”

“It’s…it’s a dead, black he-goat I found in my living room! Dear God…somebody wants me dead…help me…They want to kill me!” Adeosun stammered in fear and bewilderment.

“Let’s go see it,” chorused the crowd.

Adeosun couldn’t muster the courage to follow the crowd to his living room. After so much persuasion, he led them inside.

“Where’s the dead, black he-goat?” a tall, dark-skinned man among the crowd asked.

“It was here I saw it…God!” stammered Adeosun. “I swear, I saw it here!” he repeated. The people that followed him into the living room shook their heads in disbelief as they left him, some hissing contemptuously.

“Mr. Adeosun, please don’t call for help over nothing next time,” an elderly man said. They all thought he was out of his mind. Adeosun stood there motionless, wondering what embarrassment he had brought to himself. But he was sure he actually saw a dead, black he-goat. His senses couldn’t be playing tricks on him.

The following Monday when Adesoun met Bose, he narrated what he saw the previous weekend. He told her he suspected some people were jealous of their relationship; that he had never experienced such a thing in his life before. Bose took the matter lightly and told him there was nobody after his life. She said her husband wasn’t even aware of the relationship, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. That same evening Adeosun took Bose to their regular rendezvous, and they made love as usual.

It was 12 noon on Tuesday. Adeosun had reached his office hale and hearty. He was making preparations for his lunch break when he got a message from the receptionist that he had a visitor. He felt disturbed and restless. ‘Who could that be?’ he thought. In a minute he was out to see the visitor. Surprise! Surprise!

Standing at the reception was Bose’s husband Kunle Ajisafe, he was boiling and fuming with uncontrolled rage.

“That’s the man asking for you,” the fair-skinned receptionist gestured at Adeosun.

“Yes, may I help you, Mister…?” Adeosun asked the utterly enraged Ajisafe.

“Of course, yes!” answered Ajisafe. “I’m the husband of the lady you’ve been dating for quite sometime now!” he said.

“You mean me?” Adeosun asked again.

“Yes, you! If you don’t steer clear of my wife you’ll meet your waterloo in no time! You’re playing with the fangs of a deadly snake! I’m giving you the last warning! If you don’t stop it you’ll die before long, I assure you,” the young man said and bolted out of the reception room. Adeosun quickly did an introspective search. ‘Yes! This must be the husband of Bose, the only married lady I’m dating among my numerous girlfriends. What should I do now?’ he thought. He was totally shocked and frightened.

‘How did this young man get to know my office? He must have been aware of my relationship with his wife for a long time, and must have been trailing me,’ he thought again.

That same day, in the evening, when Adeosun met Bose, he told her about the surprise visit of her husband to his office and the warning to him never to fiddle with his wife again.

“God, how did he get to know your office?” Bose asked the bewildered Adeosun.

“I don’t know,” he said, “I think I told you someone is after my life. I knew what happened to me recently was not ordinary. Oh, but I love you, Bose…honestly, I do.” Undeterred and unwary of any calamity, Adeosun made love with Bose as he had never done before; for hours they were together in Bose’s place and had a marathon love experience. Bose’s husband had traveled to his home town and Bose took the opportunity to invite Adeosun into her matrimonial home. After the long lovemaking session Adeosun was very happy. Bose too, was really happy when Adeosun opened his briefcase and gave her a sophisticated gold wristwatch and a bundle of N500 notes, which equals N50,000. Bose instantly gave him a long, deep and fervent kiss.

About 15 minutes later Adeosun decided to take his leave. Bose saw him off to his car. Immediately Adeosun opened his car; what he saw filled him with horror and terror! He was aghast with fear! Once again, he saw the dead, black he-goat on the rear seat of his car. The black he-goat had a red piece of cloth with three cowries tied round its neck.

“God!” he exclaimed, “Not again!” Adeosun started sweating and felt like vomiting. He banged the door of his car and wailed: “Help! Help!! Help!!! It’s the dead, black he-goat again! Somebody help me!”

Bose heard his screams and came running to him. About ten people rushed towards him to see what was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Bose asked.

“I saw the dead, black he-goat in my car again!” Adeosun managed to say, trembling and sweating.

“Where is the dead black goat?” Bose asked.

“That’s it over there, inside my car…can’t you see it?” he stammered.

“I can’t see anything!” Bose said with surprise and confusion written on her face.

“Can’t the rest of you see it?” Adeosun asked the confused crowd, Bose inclusive.

“I can’t see anything, Ade, don’t worry yourself, this is a figment of your imagination. You need plenty of rest. Go home and sleep,” she advised.

Adeosun was still sweating profusely, shaken and trembling and over. He managed to enter his car and inserted the ignition key. He drove out of the area in complete fear. As he was driving, he was all the while turning to stare at the back seat to see if the dead, black he-goat was still there. His body temperature had increased tremendously. He was feeling very hot in spite of the cool, breezy atmosphere. Adeosun had driven for about 30 minutes and had almost reached home when he collapsed on the steering and gave up the ghost. Alas, he died foaming in the mouth and gasping for breath on the steering.

Till this day, it has been a case of criminal study for homicide detectives who could not unravel the mystery behind the death of the young socialite called Adeosun.


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