‘Oil Money’ Kariboye-Igbo turns messiah of vulnerable Nigerians

Oil Money recently paid a visit to the Friends of Jesus Orphanage in Lagos.

In a world where the poor and the vulnerable are left to fend for themselves, there is a glimpse of hope as one man whose sight – and heart – is always aimed at the needy, Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, says he will always offer himself to help Nigerians in need of help.


In order to match his words with action, the Asari Toru of Rivers State indigene, whose is fondly called Oil Money, created the Oil Money Foundation in order to reach out to the needy in society and put a smile on the faces of these vulnerable members of the populace.

Since Oil Money Foundation was inaugurated in November of 2020, the sky has been the limit regarding the impact the non-profit organization has made in the life of so many Nigerians.

Speaking on the inspiration behind his philanthropic gestures, Kariboye-Igbo maintained that the act of giving is not a burden but a source of joy to him and the entire Oil Money Foundation team.


“As a public figure, I receive thousands of messages daily. I do a lot of giveaways on Instagram and also privately respond to people who reach out to me for help. Still, I can hardly reply to everyone,” Oil Money said.

Oil Money is a multifaceted business mogul whose stock-in-trade includes real estate, auto sales, oil and gas, and recently, music promotion.

The foundation recently shouldered the responsibility of assisting a little boy (name withheld) with a sum of ₦950,000 for health treatment. About 20 widows in Edo and Lagos states were also supported and assisted with donation of food items, mattresses among other items.


The foundation has also provided dependable life for the children from poor homes to expand their education, improve health, create businesses, and protect the lives of vulnerable.

“We assist the children to live more productive and healthier lives. We support their education, safety, and early preparation against pandemics. We also focus on the wellbeing of families for them to start their own businesses and also help many pupils in paying their fees in many schools across the country.

“We did this to show the widows that the foundation cares for them, and more importantly to assist them and cater for their needs particularly things that they can’t afford,” added Oil Money.

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