Our conflicts must be resolved amicably

Ossai Nicholas Ossai

Ossai Nicholas Ossai

The nation is in recession and nation builders can build the nation by arriving at a national consensus. Conflicts in many areas are much in the nation today. So we should reduce those things that breed conflicts. Those are things to reduce by leaders. That is why we urge the executive to dialogue with the Niger Delta militants to be able to address those issues so that you carry the people along.

On the issue of the North East, amicable way should also be put in place to restore peace in that area. In the South East, we are talking about Biafra agitation. Leaders should meet with these persons and agree with them and explain details to them to be able to do things that can promote the image of the nation. Of course, free and fair election is a sine -qua-non; it is a compulsory thing that should be done in a presidential democracy. The National Assembly has built a lot of legislation that would promote internal democracy and promote democracy in all aspects.

On call for part time legislature, I will say we know that America today spent about 240 years before they started talking about part time legislature. That means they had built the institutions; they have stabilised. So in a nation that is 56 years old, how can we say we have stabilized to be able to talk about part time legislature? If you do that you are going to build a lot of autocracy and arbitrariness from the executive. Bi-cameral legislature is a sine-gua -non for any federation. It has been tested in history and proven to be the best. I do not advocate for a uni-cameral legislature. I advocate for us to sustain a bi-cameral legislature because two good heads are better than one. Of course restructuring is very important and it should be timely.

I think Nigeria should be restructured. That is how it should be. It will bring about competitiveness among states. I saw restructuring in terms of fiscal federalism which a complete restructuring. That is what the country needs because the country needs competitiveness among states for them to be able to thrive very well. That is what the country needs. As it stands now, we are not encouraging competition; we are not encouraging states that has resources that can tap them and pay tax to the federal government to look inward.

We are bringing about a situation whereby people would now focus on only oil when there is agriculture, solid minerals and other issues to be addressed.

• Mr. Nicholas Ossai who is the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges spoke to Adamu Abuh

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